The Sims 4: Grauerwolfe

I have recently decided to take up the Sims 4 legacy challenge and blog about my progress along the way. I have made the posts private with password access only, as this is supposedly a doll blog after all.

If you are interested, the password to access these posts is “Wilhelm“.

Generation 1: Founder

Chapter One: Grauerwolfe Legacy

Chapter Two: Welcome Tyrian

Chapter Three: Child of the Night

Chapter Four: Fwingle Zwibz

Chapter Five: The Saga Continues

Generation 2: Violet

Chapter Six: Weird Family Friends

Chapter Seven: Welcome to the Jungle

Chapter Eight: Welcome Cobalt

Chapter Nine: Vampire Teething Problems

Chapter Ten: Rage and Sorrow

Chapter Eleven: Wilhelm’s Eternal Love

Chapter Twelve: Run Through the Jungle

Chapter Thirteen: Working Through A Tough Time

Chapter Fourteen: Estate Renovation

Chapter Fifteen: A Family of Slobs

Generation 3: Indigo

Chapter Sixteen: Mischief and Hijinks

Chapter Seventeen: Mischief and Hijinks to Continue

Chapter Eighteen: The Lost File

Chapter Nineteen: This Is Fine

Chapter Twenty: Sunbeams

The Grauerwolfe Family Tree can be found here. (link opens in a new window to Plum Tree App.)