So since April last year, huh? I’m still around, very silently lurking. My life is just hectic and exhausting and I don’t see it calming down any time soon.

So to say sorry, here is a picture of my current Soom Super Gem girls – only two real sculpts between them (Galena and Migma). The WS floating Galena head should actually have a body within the next month or two.


From left to right: Galena Deity Pitta Grey Skin (in Galena Sweet Witch outfit), Migma Rauco of Sin Violet Skin (full set), Galena Sweet Witch Normal Skin on Vesuvia scorpion body (in Hansel and Gretel – Sweet Witch Biweekly outfit), Migma human Violet Skin (Kawaiimon hoodie) and finally Galena Deity Pita White Skin (who will be on an Amphibel body in the Cinderella outfit).

My life should calm down in November – Soooo far away.

SOOMed – so sue me.

Way back in February (Gee I’m bad at updating this blog) I was complaining that I had acquired another Galena head, but had not even given the normal skin one a body yet…

…Well finally I have. She even rocks the Vesuvia tail nicely. So here we have Belle the normal skin SO Sweet Witch Galena who wears the Hansel and Gretel – Sweet Witch Bi Weekly outfit next to Pandora the grey skin MD Deity Pitta who wears the SO Galena Sweet Witch outfit.

I cheeped out and got an older second hand body for her.  I was going to go for a new body to try to resin match better but there is so much variance from batch to batch in SOOM’s normal skin I decided not to worry too much. Overall it gives her a slightly flushed look in pictures but it isn’t as obvious in person and if I were to try to find a perfect match in bodies I may be at it for a while.

So while Belle still needs some boots, I am free to focus on getting a body for my white skin Galena, and to decided if I want her to have fantasy parts. Hooves maybe?

Or rather, I should be. I’m not though. I’m not, because SOOM ran a lottery. And I won.

Let me explain something – when a BJD company runs a lottery, the winner tends to not get a doll for free. What they actually win is a chance to buy a doll at full price. This time, the prizes were limited dolls SOOM had left over from 2011 for what ever reason (most due to people defaulting on payments). There were only one each of certain dolls, and there were up to 11 to 12 of others. In fact there were 18 light violet Arkrose. The dolls I were interested in though were light violet Migma (4 dolls available) and magenta Aenigma (only 2 dolls available).

Now, SOOM has four different websites (English, European, Japanese and Chinese) and everyone from all four sites were competing for the chance at the same dolls. So when I entered for both Aenigma and Migma on the Friday and watched the applications rise to 400+ over the weekend on the English site alone, I pretty much figured I had a snowflakes chance in hell at winning either. I mean, if we assume that each of the four sites had the same amount of applicants then that means there were most likely 1000+ applicants for these dolls.

In fact I was so sure I wasn’t going to have to spend big bucks come the Tuesday I happily went out MH hunting and found Catty Noir for the deplorable amount of $50. Which I bought but did feel the need to complain loudly to anyone that would listen about the price.

Tuesday comes along, I find out I’ve won the chance at not one, but both dolls I’ve applied for.

I’m completely happy I finally have two dolls I’ve wanted for ages coming home, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think I’ll be making many new dolly purchases until next year – WS Galena is just going to have to wait.

Not the time to lose one’s head…

Austin Powers anyone?

That’s not the way to get ahead in life.



Okay so, I can’t stop quoting Austin Powers when I see these two anyway. Yes, that is another Galena head. This time white skin and I haven’t got a body sorted for the normal skin one yet. White!Galena needs a little bit of fixing. She’s lost one of her head cap magnets, I’m not sold on the face-up one of her previous owners gave her and I’ve given her two odd Volks metallic eyes to work out what her preferred eye colour is (my Volks Metallics obsession is big enough for another post).

I have also in transit a NS Vesuvia tail which I will give to one of these girlies when they get a body, and I’m currently doing my best to ignore the fact this year’s Soom limited line is based on fairytails. The Beast doll they’ve put out already is amazing and I can already tell the “Beauty” doll is going to be just as stunning.

My first actual ‘in person’ dolly purchase of 2013 however is not BJD related, but Monster High. I’ve done a good job so far of not buying Monster High dolls, already skipping the Dot Dead Gorgeous line, the 5 pack of skull shores and other non-unique dolls. Cams are something else, and I found some of the new ones. In Australian stores. Booya!


From left to right:

Ice Girl – My least favourite of the four. I love her ice legs for sure, but having translucent legs, an opaque face and transparent everything else without some sort of graduation between the three (like with Spectra white paint for instance) isn’t working in her favour. Her wig is shocking as is typical with most the CAM wigs, although mine has a really wonky fringe cut where it is way longer on her left side than her right. Her saving grace was the fact I could dress her in Abbey’s I Love fashion gear.

Blob Girl – Ice Girl’s counter part is the winner of the two for me. Even though she is the same with translucent legs, opaque face and transparent thighs, arms and torso the glitter all over her body helps unify her. She has a gorgeous button nose and on her forearms she has little slimy goo “drips”. Her head piece is fantastic and a better idea executed than any of the CAM wigs to date. She makes me want to go watch The Blob again actually, I haven’t seen it in so long…

Gorgon – She’s a lot more monster than the Gorgon from the main doll line, Deuce, and her hair is way more impressive.  No glasses though, as she doesn’t have ears so I guess she can control her stoning powers better than him? Or she can’t and doesn’t care? Either way, she’s my favourite of the four. She has scales all over her including her belly – which is something she even has over Dragon Girl. I wasn’t taken with her simple purple scale dress, so I had heaps of fun creating an outfit for her instead. Dragon Girl skirt and top, with spare Toralei shoes, pants and jacket. It kinda works with all the orange in her face-up.

Mummy Girl – She can be described as…decent. Which is not bad, but not great either. Nothing about her wows me, I just like her because there is nothing really wrong with her. I even got one with a pretty decent wig. The wrapping on her legs, arms and torso are lightly stained with gold here and there, but is mostly grey to match the colour of her face. Her eye make-up is nicely painted and her eyes themselves are a striking aqua. Her pink hieroglyph dress is lovely, and her shoes are nice too. She’s just nice. That’s it.

It comes to my attention as I write this I haven’t posted about the Vampire, Gargoyle and Puma boys, or the Ghost. Perhaps I will as I hunt for Harpy and Siren.

And just because it wouldn’t be in character to not notice, here are the shoes included with both CAM packs:


Tokidoki Grail

To me a doll grail is a doll you want desperately but have next to no chance of ever obtaining due to ridiculous price, terrible circumstance or really limited quantities. I have a few of these grail dolls: Happy birthday Pullip and Namu, Soom Galena in every colour and lastly…Tokidoki Barbie.

I became aware of Tokidoki Barbie’s existence less than a month after she had sold out everywhere and a quick eBay search reveals the extent of my annoyance and frustration about it. Those prices are high.

I’m happy to say, something was announced yesterday that might just make up for my unfortunate Barbie miss! The people at Groove are making a collaboration doll with Tokidoki –  Tokidoki Pullip Luna. She lacks Barbie’s edginess but has brought super sweetness to the table instead. I think her shoes could have been more interesting, but I have *plenty* of doll shoes lying about unworn I can give her.

Can only hope now she will become available online, and that her numbers are not too stressfully low.




Beryl – Dark Moon

My NS Galena head is on her way to me finally, and the news of her impending arrival comes the same day Soom has decided to release Dark Moon Beryl – a tan SO. I’ve always been a big fan of Beryl, I personally thought she would have looked great as a PokeSoom on a Vesuvia body and if my heart didn’t belong to another Soom sculpt I would be right there refreshing for her at 5 pm.

Word on the street is she will probably be sold out within about 30 seconds.

The sale of a tan SO though brings with it the speculation that Soom may be releasing more of  their older monthly dolls in tan and this leaves me feeling hopeful. I may have missed out on a bronze Galena, but perhaps there is a chance I will get a brown tan one – which is a colour I would much prefer anyway.

Only time and Soom stalking will tell!


First Post

First post in this doll blog! I got my two Liv wigs in the mail for my Monster High CAMs, which meant that I had nothing left to arrive in my P.O. Box. Not liking that one bit, I went out and bought the Bee CAM off of eBay along with two dyed CAM torsos. A black one for the bee and a purple one to give the Sea Monster (Who I have named Clear Rivers) freeing up a grey one to make up either the werewolf or vampire. At this stage I’m thinking the werewolf.

Still in Monster High news, I checked out my local Kmart today, and found a fully stocked compliment of Skull Shores. Not one Gill to be found. This makes me positive I will not be finding him down here. I’ve read of someone finding him in WA, but alas, that is not the state I live in. I guess I’m relying on American collectors to help me out again, not that this is so bad, the mature age MH collecting community is great.

On the BJD front, today is the day I decide if I put a down-payment on a Soom SO Galena head.  I only want the head, as I don’t love the posing abilities of soom’s super gem bodies, and was hoping to get a fairyland feeple 65 body instead. Last year I said to myself no more BJD until the second half of this year, looks like that’s a fail. I spent a lot of money on BJD last year, I do not wish to repeat it.

It’s so hard though when companies like Angelheim announce their upcoming Zodiac dolls and one seems to include a snake. A snake BJD! A SNAKE!!