BJD, Monster High, Ever After High, Pullip, Catwalk Kitties, Disney, Novi Stars with a few Barbies.


My third collection video, the last one done in 2012.
I have 99% of my collection on display – I have Living Dead Dolls, Lala minis and some Novi Stars packed away.

I accidentally left out my Doll Chateau Russell and Catastophe (Monster High) – There is always someone who doesn’t make it to the party on time. XD

I also could really use risers in my shelves. Without the lights hooked up it is way to hard to make out the dolls in the back.

Music is by Jonathan Coulton

Recorded on an iPhone 6s

Frights, Camera, Action!

I was in a rare photo taking mood Wednesday night and grabbed my latest Monster High acquisitions out of my doll cabinet for an evening with the Pentax. As is normal for me, nothing really artistic came out of the session but it does give me a reason to make an update on this sadly neglected little blog. So without further ado – My Hauntlywood collection in ranked order!


6. Cleo de Nile

Cleo’s dress is rather pretty and not as obviously “mummy wrapping themed” compared to most other Cleo outfits I own. That crown/head band is elaborate – with a scarab on one side and a mixture of jewels and snakes on the other. Her regal looking belt and scarab bag tie nicely together with her gold shoes. I believe her shoes are supposed to have snakes along the top of them but it is hard to make out and seem pretty boring otherwise.

I only own Cleo because my Target was having a 40% off sale on Monster High dolls and I felt like I hadn’t had the chance to buy a Cleo in a long time. The only more noticeably absent original character missing from shelves lately is Ghoulia Yelps.


5. Elissabat

Of the four new characters I find Elissabat to be the most plain – although I haven’t seen the movie (yet) so maybe I’ll warm to her doll a bit more if I like her character. Yet another pink vampire, she has a very nice outfit if a bit too short and her shoes are big black boots with what looks like molded bows down the sides and hearts at the end of molded laces. Her ears are double pierced with purple gems and she comes with a Monster High equivalent Academy Award trophy. I do like her overall dark look – she is ranked much lower than the others only because nothing really stands out about her.


4. Viperine Gorgon

Another gorogn doll but unlike Deuce and the CAM she has very long snakes that she pulls back with her hair in the name of fashion. Even though I am not a fan of ‘pink all the things!’ I really do like her muted pale pink and cream colour combination. Her shoes are big pink boots with fangs on the front and snakes exploding out the top. Her necklace is a pink mass of snakes (which goes along nicely with her head-snakes) and they almost look like they are exploding from her chest. The print on her black dress are flowers, confetti and a box of snakes. To top it all off she has scales over her entire body, just like the CAM gorgon. She also comes with a nifty make-up kit that opens and closes.

I have read about the interwebs she is hard to get with great eye screening which is unfortunate as her glasses are clear pink shades. As I have learned through reading Viperine’s diary only Deuce’s gorgon family have the ability to turn people to stone with their gaze which explains why both Viperine and the CAM aren’t stuck with sunglasses all day, every day.


3. Clawdeen Wolf

I suspect Clawdeen would be lower on most other’s lists being a basic line doll and one that hasn’t strayed too much from her standard theme. She has gold accessories and plain gold shoes just like Cleo, although Clawdeen is sporting a bag that is *that* shade of purple. Purple, gold, a moon placed somewhere – yup, no mistaking this doll is Clawdeen.

The reason that *this* particular Clawdeen is third from the top on my list is very personal. My fiancé and I are set to be married next year and this January was our engagement party. My future sister-in-law’s own sister baked this particular Clawdeen in a gluten free vegan cake for us for the party. It brought on all the feels.

Clawdeen Cake

Tasted awesome too.


2. Honey Swamp

There can be no argument that Honey Swamp is the most unique of the line and will be first on most lists. Her most striking feature being the luscious crown of green hair she has on her head. Mine is a bit flat at the back as being tied in to the box tightly does mush it down. It also needed a slight trim on the sides when I first opened her as there were a few crazy ringlets sticking out awkwardly. Her dress and hat work together to portray Honey as a Southern Belle but her shoes are what make the oufit: they look like sly pink alligator heads. Her accessories are a scene marker and camera which are the most fun of all and although not easily seen in this picture she has alligator teeth painted on her lips. Honey is a lot of fun and has easily become one of my favourite dolls.

So who could beat Honey to the #1 spot? Well, the prize goes to:


1. Clawdia Hutz

“Don’t you mean Clawdia Wolf?” I hear you ask. Well, no. No I don’t. Clawdia’s design compared to the other three deluxe dolls is the least inspired. Boring gold shoes pared with knee-high red socks, a gold dress and red blazer. Clawdia’s fashion accessories are black and her item accessory is that red palm pilot. She is also taller than the other three new characters as she has the adult body shared with the Nefera and Bloodgood dolls. What grabs me about Clawdia is that giant, gleaming, “I’m trying to sell you something” grin. The fact her fangs are so visible helps add to the effect of the shyster glam lawyer, and that red blazer makes me think of a specific character in a television series I’ve actually referenced before in this blog.

The character I’m talking about is Lionel Hutz in The Simpsons.

The Simpson’s episode “Reality Bites” is one of my very favourite episodes. It centres around two plots that come spectacularly together at the end – one of which is that Marge gets a job at a real estate agency run by Lionel. The employees wear red power Blazers and Lionel tries to teach Marge to sell houses by telling very shady “truths” while flashing friendly smiles.

Reality Bites

Certainty not the look Mattel intended for Clawdia at any rate.

As you can see I am still missing Draculaura and Lagoona which is only two from the complete set which I *know* will wear down on me.

So regardless of whether you agree (or more than likely) disagree with my list, The Hauntlywood line introduces four great new doll characters which I hope to see released in other lines further down the track.

And where are all the Ghoulia releases?!

Scaris: City of Frights

Over the weekend I decided to drop by my local Kmart to check out everyone’s favourite isle, and I was very impressed.

They had restocked and had Dot Dead Gorgeous, Dance class, Ghouls Rule, Cams (no harpy or mermaid unfortunately), Ghoul’s Alive and Scaris. No Picture Day dolls but one can hardly complain. I was actually surprised by the Dance Class dolls, I had pegged that line as ‘skippable’ along with DDG and found myself really liking Robecca and Howleen. I think’ll have to rethink my stance and pick them up eventually.

I of course didn’t go home empty handed. My Kmart had all four of the basic Scaris dolls although I wasn’t overly taken by any. Judging by the numbers on the shelf my guess is there are more than one Abbs and Ghoulia to a case, and maybe Duece and Draculaura are single packed.


I decided on Deuce as his numbers seem really low and male dolls seem to be unpopular in my area. Either he is going to be all over the place or incredibly hard to find in the future –  it’s a hard one to call. At first glance he seems almost identical to his original counter part, with the only major difference is he has a black earring, when the original has a white one.

duece shoes

I actually do really like his shoes, mostly because they seem so…Death Eater-like. He also has a man purse. I wish it had snakes on it, not just the snake-skin straps. What it does have on it which can’t be seen in this picture is the monster high skull with snakes on it’s head.


Besides Rochelle, the other two familiar dolls in the deluxe Scaris Line are Frankie and Clawdeen. Frankie looks awesome, but I really could only pick one and Rochelle’s Eiffel Tower dress won out. The deluxe dolls also come with a suitcase, and the handles on them retract in and out and they have working wheels. Rochelle’s sports a fleur-de-lis and is in her signature grey and pink. Her entire look is topped off by that adorable hat. I did notice this particular doll has eyes that are a good 50% bigger than the original I have and unlike on my original doll her green streaks are a lot more evenly spread through her hair.

rochelle shoes

Rochelle’s shoes are pink and fleur-de-lis themed. Personally I find them a bit busy looking, but if someone gave me a pair of these kicks in my size I wouldn’t make too many complaints about it!


Lucky last we have Skelita Calaveras the sugar skeleton from Hexico. She’s so pretty, and my crappy camera doesn’t do her the justice she deserves. Her body is completely skeletal which means separate ribs, protruding pelvic bones and her lower back is all spine. She comes packaged with a plastic dress form which helps her display, as with out it her clothes look like they just hang off her. Her knees are really stiff and hard to bend at first, but with gentle pressure in the right places they will eventually. Her skirt is a rainbow spider web design and her suitcase has a sugar skull design on it. She is my favourite of this small haul by far.

No Jina-fire, she wasn’t there. Either someone beat me to her or just as likely she hasn’t been released here yet. I will have to keep a look out.

Not the time to lose one’s head…

Austin Powers anyone?

That’s not the way to get ahead in life.



Okay so, I can’t stop quoting Austin Powers when I see these two anyway. Yes, that is another Galena head. This time white skin and I haven’t got a body sorted for the normal skin one yet. White!Galena needs a little bit of fixing. She’s lost one of her head cap magnets, I’m not sold on the face-up one of her previous owners gave her and I’ve given her two odd Volks metallic eyes to work out what her preferred eye colour is (my Volks Metallics obsession is big enough for another post).

I have also in transit a NS Vesuvia tail which I will give to one of these girlies when they get a body, and I’m currently doing my best to ignore the fact this year’s Soom limited line is based on fairytails. The Beast doll they’ve put out already is amazing and I can already tell the “Beauty” doll is going to be just as stunning.

My first actual ‘in person’ dolly purchase of 2013 however is not BJD related, but Monster High. I’ve done a good job so far of not buying Monster High dolls, already skipping the Dot Dead Gorgeous line, the 5 pack of skull shores and other non-unique dolls. Cams are something else, and I found some of the new ones. In Australian stores. Booya!


From left to right:

Ice Girl – My least favourite of the four. I love her ice legs for sure, but having translucent legs, an opaque face and transparent everything else without some sort of graduation between the three (like with Spectra white paint for instance) isn’t working in her favour. Her wig is shocking as is typical with most the CAM wigs, although mine has a really wonky fringe cut where it is way longer on her left side than her right. Her saving grace was the fact I could dress her in Abbey’s I Love fashion gear.

Blob Girl – Ice Girl’s counter part is the winner of the two for me. Even though she is the same with translucent legs, opaque face and transparent thighs, arms and torso the glitter all over her body helps unify her. She has a gorgeous button nose and on her forearms she has little slimy goo “drips”. Her head piece is fantastic and a better idea executed than any of the CAM wigs to date. She makes me want to go watch The Blob again actually, I haven’t seen it in so long…

Gorgon – She’s a lot more monster than the Gorgon from the main doll line, Deuce, and her hair is way more impressive.  No glasses though, as she doesn’t have ears so I guess she can control her stoning powers better than him? Or she can’t and doesn’t care? Either way, she’s my favourite of the four. She has scales all over her including her belly – which is something she even has over Dragon Girl. I wasn’t taken with her simple purple scale dress, so I had heaps of fun creating an outfit for her instead. Dragon Girl skirt and top, with spare Toralei shoes, pants and jacket. It kinda works with all the orange in her face-up.

Mummy Girl – She can be described as…decent. Which is not bad, but not great either. Nothing about her wows me, I just like her because there is nothing really wrong with her. I even got one with a pretty decent wig. The wrapping on her legs, arms and torso are lightly stained with gold here and there, but is mostly grey to match the colour of her face. Her eye make-up is nicely painted and her eyes themselves are a striking aqua. Her pink hieroglyph dress is lovely, and her shoes are nice too. She’s just nice. That’s it.

It comes to my attention as I write this I haven’t posted about the Vampire, Gargoyle and Puma boys, or the Ghost. Perhaps I will as I hunt for Harpy and Siren.

And just because it wouldn’t be in character to not notice, here are the shoes included with both CAM packs:


100 Monster High Dolls

I have (as of Sunday) 100 Monster High Dolls. I haven’t done anything special as yet, I really do think some cake baking is in order.

Or maybe just cake eating. It’s a good reason for cake =D


The lucky number 100 is Ghouls Rule Frankie, a worthy number 100 if I do say so myself. I found her at Toys ‘R’ Us all alone in a really battered box, so a return I assume, lucky for me. Still pretty far behind in my MH collecting:

  • Skull Shores 5 pack
  • Roler Maze Abbey 2 pack
  • Dead Tired Wave 2
  • Ghouls Rule (minus Frankie)
  • Scary Tales
  • Robecca Steam
  • Venus McFlytrap
  • Naked Frankie x2, Draculaura, Duece, Operetta and Abbey
  • Coffin Bean Draculaura and Roadster Draculaura
  • Monster High playset

I have the rest of the CAMs on their way to me from Canada, it’s been about a month though and I actually expected to hit 100 with that parcel instead of the random shelf find I ended up with. Still two weeks before it’s officially late. Hopefully they turn up soon.

These two are brand new Lalas that have recently been released here unbeknownst to me, so was a complete surprise when I saw them at TRU along with Frankie. They are Bubbles Smack ‘N’ Pop, who is made from bubblegum and is blowing a cute little bubble and Toastie Sweet Fluff who wears a fuzzy dress and has marshmallows in her hair. They are part of the Candy Cute series, the other two dolls in the series based on raspberry licorice and gumdrops.

Last bit of news is in relation to the Monster High Class of 2012 Facebook page:

Free wristband! For those that don’t know, the Class of 2012 page is either a global thing or Australia only (not too sure on that), and when you sign up promises a free wrist band and exclusive news content. So far the only content is a documentary on the 2012 Con, will report back if anything else is added.

Yay, free stuff!

Box Prisons

I am a de-boxer. What this means is that when I get a brand new doll, instead of keeping them ‘MINT’ I free them from their box prison. It may devalue the doll in the long run but hey, I collect these dolls for me and have no plans to sell them anyway.

I got these in the mail yesterday from Pullip Style and as of today, they are still in their boxes. Why is this? Well, I’m out of room. Not for the dolls (I’m always struggling for room on them, hah!) but for their boxes. I’ve never kept a Monster High doll box, never felt the need. Pullip boxes though, I have kept every single one. They live in the cupboards under the display curio and the cupboards are now officially bursting.

I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I like their shininess and their unique patterns. They also proved themselves to be invaluable when I moved house and I needed to transport a whole heap of dolls safely. What this means for me is that now to help store them I’m going to have to flat pack them all – which means yay, it will free up more room.

I trashed the Catwalk Kitty boxes, the MH boxes…the one Disney doll I own her box was thrown away. Yet Pullip boxes get to stay. BJD boxes get to stay because they are great in storing spare resin pieces, but do I really need to keep every single one? Not all are as great as a Fairyland box. Living Dead Doll boxes stay too but hey, those coffins are cool.

Just something for me to think about while I get to flat packing. Why is it expected you keep some doll boxes and not others?

Preggers Midge

Been rather under the weather and haven’t felt up to much, but today I felt a smidgen better so decided to *shock and horror* clean out the spare room (room full of boxes of stuff). I only got a little bit of the way in but eventually, this room will be my new doll room. Hopefully this means I’ll be less stuck for space. A little bit less stuck for space. Anyways, it will take a few weeks to get everything cleared out/ebayed (a lot of stuff belongs to the partner too) but I’m just happy to have made some headway on it.

Also my updated checklist for Monster High has now grown with the boom of releases:

  • Skull Shores 5 pack
  • CAM Vampire and Gargoyle, Puma and Ghost
  • Ghouls Rule
  • Scary Tales
  • Robecca Steam
  • Venus McFlytrap
  • Scarah Screams and HooDude Voodoo
  • I Heart Fashion Abbey and Frankie
  • Naked Frankie, Draculaura, Cleo, Duece, Lagoona and Abbey
  • Scooter Ghoulia
  • Powder Room Draculaura
  • Coffin Bean Draculaura and Roadster Draculaura (lol to both of these)
  • Monster High playset
Of course, they’ve also announced RM Clawdeen, Ghouls Rule Abbey and Headless Headmistress Bloodgood at SDCC so far! I’m hoping Wydona Spider is next announced personally, I’ll kill for a spider Monster High.
But…enough about my doll want list and my room project, it’s about time I got around to introducing someone:
Happy Family Midge. I am sorry it took so long – I was waiting on some maternity clothes with a Halloween theme to dress her in, but when they arrived they didn’t fit as promised. I wish I could sew, I really do. Anyways, my particular Midge was second hand but in great condition. She came with a crib, bath tub some babie accessories like bottles and toys and two babies.
My Midgey has twins! I suspect these babies are actually from the pediatrician Barbie in the same Happy Family line. Not complaining too much, but it does mean I wouldn’t mind tracking down the correct baby eventually.
Controversially, as I read on sources on the interwebs, Preggers midge was first released without a wedding ring! Shocking stuff I know, everyone knows you can’t be pregnant unless you’re married. Also her first run boxes didn’t include cardboard cut-outs of her husband! The horror! She was pulled from shelves because she promoted teen pregnancy. Riiight. Anyways, my Midge at least was a second release, as she has a wedding band. Phew! 
I will admit, I have never been pregnant so I can’t really be sure…but I don’t think this is very appropriate foot wear. Someone tell me my ebay seller got these mixed up as well. I think these uncomfortable looking bright pink atrocities are the most offensive thing about Happy Family Midge.
Jokes and snark aside, I probably would look into getting more from this line. I would love the grandparents, and the little boy Ryan and the older version of Nikki. Don’t want Alan though, not very fond of his dopey grin (I think I’ve said that somewhere in this blog before.) My Midge will be a proud Divorcee. And she’s happy about it.
Teen pregnancy my a$#.

My Top Ten Monster High Shoes

Before I get into it, this is meant to be fun. My top ten may (and will) look different than the next person’s list, especially as I’m just using MH shoes in my own collection which means shoes from the newer release dolls like ‘Ghouls Rule’ and ‘I Love/Heart Fashion’ weren’t under consideration. To get in my exact frame of mind, stick “Shoes” by Tiga on in the background as you read (or don’t but it’s a great song =p)

10. Dead Tired Slippers

They are criminally cute and I love how they differ just enough from character to character. I actully can’t wait until I get my hands on the new DT dolls just because they should come with new versions of these cutie slippers.

The rest (9-1) are in no particular order, as trying to pick a ranking for these would be far too hard. Trust me, I tried. (Click the thumbnails for bigger pictures in the gallery).

Please click me for a larger view in the gallery

Dawn of the Dance Lagoona
So delicate and stylish, her clear ‘wave’ shoes suit her personality and her dress perfectly. They give me a glass slipper feel ala Cinderella and (luckily) they make up for the gloriously horrible hair do DotD Lagoona sports.

Roller Maze Lagoona
All four roller skates released so far are awesome, actually. I just preffer the scales and fins on Lagoona’s to the more muted designs on the other three (Ghoulia, Frankie and Operetta). The wheels actually turn on these!

Classroom Lagoona
The last of the Lagoona shoes I’ve included (although I did want to include another pair I couldn’t find room for) these lace up lovelies with cork soles almost got a dishonerable mention for being extremely impractical shoes for a science lab.

Nefera de Nile
Very regal looking kicks that sport adders on the heal, and they upstage every single one of Cleo’s shoes. These are shoes fit for a Queen. Or just the Queen B-ch!

Sweet 1600 Draculaura
She has a wardrobe with 100s of years worth of fashion, so is it any wonder she has shoes that look edible? I think the icing/frosting strap is my favourite =)

2.0 (School’s Out) Clawdeen
When I first saw her in person I actually let out a “woah”. I want these kicks for myself. From the zips to the gold spike heal, these boots are just badass.

Create-A-Monster Skeleton
These shoes are just simply clever, and they look like they belong on those boney feet. I think the little bone bows on the front that get me the most.

Spectra Fashion Pack
It was a tough choce to choose between basic Spectra’s shoes and these ones as both are great. I went with the fashion pack ones only as I love the way they swallow her transperent feet looking just that little bit more ghostly.

C. A. Cupid
Lastely, even though they could be accused of being a little too busy, they do sport heart chain links and bow and arrow heels making them a great final addition to my top ten.

Dishonourable Mentions – Scream Uniform Clawdeen

Open toed and heeled soccer boots? I know the story goes that Clawdeen is the only one athletic enough to be able to wear these effectivly, but I don’t buy it. You’re going to hurt yourself Clawdeen. Not to forget the choice of plastic socks over regular cloth ones do annoy a small chunk of collectors out there.

Dishonourable Mentions – Recolours

We all know it’s bound to happen with a line of dolls this involved and large, doesn’t mean we are going to ignore it when it does happen though. All the shoes are recoloured in the ‘I heart/Love Fashion’ Frankie and Abbey doll packs. And it was the first thing I noticed.

No Dolls Fail

During the start of last week, this year’s Pullip and Taeyang SDCC exclusives were revealed to be Wonder Woman and Batman – while I suspect Batman will start to grow on me, for the immediate future I was safe. Or so I thought I was, until I noticed that 2011 SDCC Batgirl was dicounted over at Pullip Style. With Regen Paja on preorder, paid for by my OH for our anniversary (so I hadn’t broke my self imposed no doll rule yet) I messaged the good folk at Pullip Style to ask about adding Batgirl to my order.

They said yes (because they are awesome folk) and now I have Batgirl coming home to hang out with my Wonder Festival Catwoman. No worries I thought, it’s just one doll, the hiatus can officially start from now.

On Friday, Wendy and her pal Miranda were rehoming some second hand dolls, one of which was a Puki Ante. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if Darjeeling could have a twin sister? I dropped Wendy and Miri a message about Ante and was told I was second in line for her, they were waiting to hear back from interested party #1. I figured I was out of luck, and just as well, as I was on a doll hiatus.

So of course Wendy got back to me to tell me Ante was mine, and she could be here as early as Tuesday (which is tomorrow actually, but I won’t hold my breath for Australia Post.) Completely ecstatic I was getting an Ante at a great price I realised that she would be my second wardrobe challenged puki so I picked out two cute outfits from etsy.

“Ok Self”, I tell myself. “No more!”

Having been invited to a 50th Birthday in a week, I needed to go shopping to find an outfit (Birthday gal has requested everyone wear navy blue for her theme, and the only navy blue clothing I own would be my work uniform) so off I trot to the local shopping centre. Keep in mind, that as it’s nearing the end of financial year all the majors are competing with their toy sales. I came home with these four:

…and no outfit.

I really suck at this no dolls thing. Seriously, no more from Now!

Create A Monster Wave 1

The first post in this blog featured two wave 1 CAMs on an old doll couch I found in Savers, and now I’ve (almost) finished with wave one I thought I might take a group shot on the same couch.

I would like a different liv wig for the vampire and I need to paint the Sea Monster’s limbs a paler blue to match, the reason they are this dark at the moment is something never to be discussed in public and all people in attendance at the incident have been sworn to secrecy. The start of wave 2 is already on the way with the Witch and Cat girl pack and I already know I’m planning on wiping off the silly moustache whiskers the tabby cat has.

Almost can’t wait for the Coffin Bean so I can have some monster high scale seating.