Melbourne Doll Meetup

Every so often, the Melbourne based doll group I am a member of has meetups through out the year where doll hobbyists meet together to connect with each other.

I have not really been able to make it to many of these lately but I was fortunate that I was able to attend the meet up this past Saturday and also the previous one in January. Almost everyone brings at least a few of their BJD (although other dolls are welcome in our group) and some people bring a larger number.

I’m terrible at remembering to take photos, but I will share a few pictures that feature my newest BJD, Wave (Nothing Sapiens INO). The below pictures are either taken by me or from a fellow doll group friend and posted with permission.


Wave - Nothing Sapiens INO

Wave – Nothing Sapiens INO, picture provided by @ravenmadgeo


Pariah - Fifth Motive Venitu

Pariah – Fifth Motive Venitu. Follow @ravenmadgeo on Instagram for more BJD content


Sherry - Doll Leaves Amara

Sherry – Doll Leaves Amara


Lividian - Fairyland Alicia

Lividian – Fairyland Alicia (holding Haze, my Nothing Sapiens INO kid)



So since April last year, huh? I’m still around, very silently lurking. My life is just hectic and exhausting and I don’t see it calming down any time soon.

So to say sorry, here is a picture of my current Soom Super Gem girls – only two real sculpts between them (Galena and Migma). The WS floating Galena head should actually have a body within the next month or two.


From left to right: Galena Deity Pitta Grey Skin (in Galena Sweet Witch outfit), Migma Rauco of Sin Violet Skin (full set), Galena Sweet Witch Normal Skin on Vesuvia scorpion body (in Hansel and Gretel – Sweet Witch Biweekly outfit), Migma human Violet Skin (Kawaiimon hoodie) and finally Galena Deity Pita White Skin (who will be on an Amphibel body in the Cinderella outfit).

My life should calm down in November – Soooo far away.

+1 Tangkou

Tangkou number #2 is the Vampire Girl, thank-you Lea for recommending her to me!

Vampire Girl

Her outfit includes red fishnet stockings, black boots, a corset dress, lace over-skirt, wrist and neck chokers and a black lollita-maid-hat thing.

She also has evenly painted white fangs over plump, bright red lips. Red eye shadow and long red and black crimped hair means she hasn’t got an extensive colour palette, but she certainly fits at home with my doll crew.

The Tangkou doll has come a long way since I first found out about them in 2011 when the only known way (to me) was to import them from a Netherlands website. As I never imported one myself (I got my Pinocchio second hand from a US collector) I never really watched the development of Tangkou closely. Now when you search for these dolls in Google the first hit you get is which not only lists the small yet varied range of Tankgou dolls, it also lists all the official retailers as well as links to the eBay store.

If you wanted to compare the newer dolls to the old, look no further. Pinocchio (Pinnocchio according to the website) was one of the few

Vampire Girl and Pinocchiodolls that was on the smaller, Bratz-like body which had apparently broke in the mail on the way to her previous owner. When I ended up buying her I re-bodied her on to a Pullip type 2 body – Nero’s to be precise – and that meant I could dress her in Pullip clothing…although she lives in Nero’s stock anyway. This is why the height is so different between the two in the picture, as well as the fact Vampire is on a thicker plastic Pullip stand and Pinocchio is on a Tangkou stand.

The obvious difference between the old and new doll I have aside from the fullness of the newer doll’s lips is the fact that Pinocchio has terribly uneven rooted and dry hair, while Vampire has a far better quality wig. This is a major step forward, although I don’t think I will be changing out Vampire’s wig as it is better quality than most Pullip wigs.

Now unlike their more well-known dolly competitors, the price of a Tangkou makes it a much more wallet friendly addition to a doll collection. $30 for a basic and $60 for a limited is a lot lower than the easily upwards of $100 you could be paying for a Pullip or Blythe.

I am also pleased to discover that they do not have the same set of eye chips. Pinocchio has green, mauve, silver and red/orange eye chips with pink eye-lids and a single bow on each. Vampire Girl has:

Vampire Girl EyesThat is silver, mauve, green, these strange clear eye chips and awesome black eye lids with strawberries on them.

Hopefully one or two more updates to come over the weekend, and I’m expecting something big in the mail *cough*hurryupSoom*cough* so that is to come as well. Until next time!

138 Grail Alert!

I’ve mentioned before I have a few ‘grail dolls’, but now I have one less. I decided to spoil myself as I’d gotten a new job so I jumped on to eBay thinking I would try to hunt down a Catwalk Kitty I’m missing or pre-order myself some SDCC goodies. My eyes turned to stars however when I found this set for sale from someone in Japan downsizing their Pullip collection:

138 Box

The first Happy Birthday Pullip and Namu. They weren’t exactly a bargain, but for a MIB limited doll set with a run of only 300 from almost a decade ago, the seller did have them for a fair price. For those who are not in the know, Pullip’s current ‘boyfriend’ is Taeyang, but before him the love of her life was Namu. They parted ways in 2005 when Namu made his last doll appearance in the second Happy Birthday set and interestingly enough the second set was the last one – Taeyang has never been in a Happy Birthday set and I actually can’t think of a time when Taeyang was packaged in the same box as Pullip at all.

I had them boxed for a few days before I could bring myself to open them. They just looked so sweet together. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before Pullips do not have box prisons, they have fortresses.


138 Inside the Box

So yesterday I stopped putting it off and many twist ties and curse words later, I had everything free. The masks are stunning, the clothes are exquisite, their faces are beautiful! It’s a small shame that due to the fact her hat was packaged so long it wont sit flat and keeps trying to curl around itself – but that is my only nitpick. Both Pullip and Namu’s face were a bit dirty, as well as their masks. I had heard of this happening with the older dolls before (and it still sometimes happens with the newer ones) but it all rubbed off easily with a magic eraser so no harm done. Also as these were older dolls they came with the metal stands which are much better than the plastic ones the newer releases have. I’ve had doll shoes start to melt while in contact with the plastic bases before (I’m looking at you Ciel).


138 Certificate



I’m number 138! It’s a silver printing on the black backing – I wasn’t expecting them to come with a certificate, I’m so use to the doll cards.

138 Shoes

Pullip’s shoes. Not the style of footwear I was expecting to find under that petticoat.

138 On the Mantle

So instead of them being King and Queen of the doll room, I’ve decided to display them out on my fireplace mantle so I can see them more readily. This is actually my first Namu, and now that I have him and see how handsome he is I have no idea why I never got any others (and of course they are much less readily found now).

This mildly coherent review is due to the fact I am just stupidly ecstatic to finally have these dolls. I can say I love everything about them and they are perfect and everyone should immediately try to hunt down one of the remaining 299 out there for themselves!

It is however hard to be really critical of a set of dolls you have been dreaming of since you first started doll collecting.