BJD, Monster High, Ever After High, Pullip, Catwalk Kitties, Disney, Novi Stars with a few Barbies.


My third collection video, the last one done in 2012.
I have 99% of my collection on display – I have Living Dead Dolls, Lala minis and some Novi Stars packed away.

I accidentally left out my Doll Chateau Russell and Catastophe (Monster High) – There is always someone who doesn’t make it to the party on time. XD

I also could really use risers in my shelves. Without the lights hooked up it is way to hard to make out the dolls in the back.

Music is by Jonathan Coulton

Recorded on an iPhone 6s


So since April last year, huh? I’m still around, very silently lurking. My life is just hectic and exhausting and I don’t see it calming down any time soon.

So to say sorry, here is a picture of my current Soom Super Gem girls – only two real sculpts between them (Galena and Migma). The WS floating Galena head should actually have a body within the next month or two.


From left to right: Galena Deity Pitta Grey Skin (in Galena Sweet Witch outfit), Migma Rauco of Sin Violet Skin (full set), Galena Sweet Witch Normal Skin on Vesuvia scorpion body (in Hansel and Gretel – Sweet Witch Biweekly outfit), Migma human Violet Skin (Kawaiimon hoodie) and finally Galena Deity Pita White Skin (who will be on an Amphibel body in the Cinderella outfit).

My life should calm down in November – Soooo far away.

Invasion of the Novi Stars

Since I last posted about Alie Lectric, I have collected a decent (Family? Gaggle? Pod? What is the correct term for a group of aliens?) collection of Novi Stars. In fact I have all the basic dolls to date as well as the Energy Pod playset with Nita Light and as of yesterday I have both Curl n Coil dolls and one of the two Novi Invasion dolls – Anne Arctic. Ina Ferna was also supposed to arrive, but she seems to be delayed in the post a little.

From left to right we have: Tily Vizon, Anne Arctic and Roe Botik. Both Curl n Coil dolls each got a pet (Telepuppy for Tily and Circuit for Roe) and interestingly, Anne the Novi Invasion doll came without. All three of course have their gimmicks: Anne with snow flakes in her legs and the coil hair gimmick of the other two dolls. The Curl and coil gimmick allows you to pull strings in their hair to coil up the piping, and when the piping is wrapped around other parts of their hair it creates new hair styles. Of course I have no flair for hair styling and I like the “dread fall” look their hair has in the default state anyway. Also noticeable is that the Curl n Coil girls are about a head taller than the Novi Invasion dolls and the other basics. All three also have no trouble standing upright in their stands, a clear improvement on the first wave.

Now even though Circuit is a nice and sturdy pet (which is great because most Novi pets will fall over if you look at them funny) and has the ability to twist his head around on his neck, the stand out of the two pets is most certainly Telepuppy. You can twist his television shaped head around to show different cute emotions on each facing of his monitors/screens.

Unfortunately an extreme close-up like this also highlights MGA’s lack of quality control with the paint screening.

With Ina Ferna somewhere on her way to me and Mimi Merize waiting to be shipped from Amazon, it only leaves Vera Tabray for me to hunt out and for me to decide if I want the Stellar Skinz or not. I think I’ll be fine to skip Orbit Beach and the secret egg pets…

…this line better not expand crazily like Monster High, for my sake.


(There is actually a rumour floating around that the line may actually be cancelled, something I will be very sad to see happen.)

The Scary Godmother

I’ve had a pretty rough time of life lately (I had to say goodbye to my best friend yesterday as she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge) and while aimlessly browsing doll forums trying to keep my mind off…I found something cool.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love witches, and so this Kick Starter is truly my cup of tea. Even if it isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to share the link around anyway because more dolls in the world is always awesome. Especially witch ones.


The Scary Godmother Kick Starter


SOOMed – so sue me.

Way back in February (Gee I’m bad at updating this blog) I was complaining that I had acquired another Galena head, but had not even given the normal skin one a body yet…

…Well finally I have. She even rocks the Vesuvia tail nicely. So here we have Belle the normal skin SO Sweet Witch Galena who wears the Hansel and Gretel – Sweet Witch Bi Weekly outfit next to Pandora the grey skin MD Deity Pitta who wears the SO Galena Sweet Witch outfit.

I cheeped out and got an older second hand body for her.  I was going to go for a new body to try to resin match better but there is so much variance from batch to batch in SOOM’s normal skin I decided not to worry too much. Overall it gives her a slightly flushed look in pictures but it isn’t as obvious in person and if I were to try to find a perfect match in bodies I may be at it for a while.

So while Belle still needs some boots, I am free to focus on getting a body for my white skin Galena, and to decided if I want her to have fantasy parts. Hooves maybe?

Or rather, I should be. I’m not though. I’m not, because SOOM ran a lottery. And I won.

Let me explain something – when a BJD company runs a lottery, the winner tends to not get a doll for free. What they actually win is a chance to buy a doll at full price. This time, the prizes were limited dolls SOOM had left over from 2011 for what ever reason (most due to people defaulting on payments). There were only one each of certain dolls, and there were up to 11 to 12 of others. In fact there were 18 light violet Arkrose. The dolls I were interested in though were light violet Migma (4 dolls available) and magenta Aenigma (only 2 dolls available).

Now, SOOM has four different websites (English, European, Japanese and Chinese) and everyone from all four sites were competing for the chance at the same dolls. So when I entered for both Aenigma and Migma on the Friday and watched the applications rise to 400+ over the weekend on the English site alone, I pretty much figured I had a snowflakes chance in hell at winning either. I mean, if we assume that each of the four sites had the same amount of applicants then that means there were most likely 1000+ applicants for these dolls.

In fact I was so sure I wasn’t going to have to spend big bucks come the Tuesday I happily went out MH hunting and found Catty Noir for the deplorable amount of $50. Which I bought but did feel the need to complain loudly to anyone that would listen about the price.

Tuesday comes along, I find out I’ve won the chance at not one, but both dolls I’ve applied for.

I’m completely happy I finally have two dolls I’ve wanted for ages coming home, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think I’ll be making many new dolly purchases until next year – WS Galena is just going to have to wait.

138 Grail Alert!

I’ve mentioned before I have a few ‘grail dolls’, but now I have one less. I decided to spoil myself as I’d gotten a new job so I jumped on to eBay thinking I would try to hunt down a Catwalk Kitty I’m missing or pre-order myself some SDCC goodies. My eyes turned to stars however when I found this set for sale from someone in Japan downsizing their Pullip collection:

138 Box

The first Happy Birthday Pullip and Namu. They weren’t exactly a bargain, but for a MIB limited doll set with a run of only 300 from almost a decade ago, the seller did have them for a fair price. For those who are not in the know, Pullip’s current ‘boyfriend’ is Taeyang, but before him the love of her life was Namu. They parted ways in 2005 when Namu made his last doll appearance in the second Happy Birthday set and interestingly enough the second set was the last one – Taeyang has never been in a Happy Birthday set and I actually can’t think of a time when Taeyang was packaged in the same box as Pullip at all.

I had them boxed for a few days before I could bring myself to open them. They just looked so sweet together. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before Pullips do not have box prisons, they have fortresses.


138 Inside the Box

So yesterday I stopped putting it off and many twist ties and curse words later, I had everything free. The masks are stunning, the clothes are exquisite, their faces are beautiful! It’s a small shame that due to the fact her hat was packaged so long it wont sit flat and keeps trying to curl around itself – but that is my only nitpick. Both Pullip and Namu’s face were a bit dirty, as well as their masks. I had heard of this happening with the older dolls before (and it still sometimes happens with the newer ones) but it all rubbed off easily with a magic eraser so no harm done. Also as these were older dolls they came with the metal stands which are much better than the plastic ones the newer releases have. I’ve had doll shoes start to melt while in contact with the plastic bases before (I’m looking at you Ciel).


138 Certificate



I’m number 138! It’s a silver printing on the black backing – I wasn’t expecting them to come with a certificate, I’m so use to the doll cards.

138 Shoes

Pullip’s shoes. Not the style of footwear I was expecting to find under that petticoat.

138 On the Mantle

So instead of them being King and Queen of the doll room, I’ve decided to display them out on my fireplace mantle so I can see them more readily. This is actually my first Namu, and now that I have him and see how handsome he is I have no idea why I never got any others (and of course they are much less readily found now).

This mildly coherent review is due to the fact I am just stupidly ecstatic to finally have these dolls. I can say I love everything about them and they are perfect and everyone should immediately try to hunt down one of the remaining 299 out there for themselves!

It is however hard to be really critical of a set of dolls you have been dreaming of since you first started doll collecting.



Forever Alone

The interwebz are crazy with talk over the up and coming Ever After High, a doll line that focuses on the children of well known fairy tale characters, much like how Monster High focuses on the children of well known monster characters. In fact, EAH dolls will share the same body mold as MH dolls, so I can easily see myself picking up a few dolls and clothing packs for myself in the future. I must say even though the new EAH line looks really nice it doesn’t seem to be ‘just right’ for me, perhaps a little too ‘frilly’ and pink for me. So even though I may pick up a few of the rebel characters I cant see myself with a huge quantity of EAH dolls.

Of course, nothing is set in stone when it comes to doll collecting so in six months after EAH has been out for a while, I’ll revisit this post just so see how right or wrong I was about any predictions.

Now, I am completely aware that Mattel’s Ever After High has nothing at all to do with Disney, but all the recent discussion of fairy tales has certainly got me in the Disney mood – I’ve even been listening to some of the movie soundtracks lately. In my own doll collection I have only one doll based off of a fairy tale, and that is my Beauty and the Beast ‘Belle and Friends’ doll.

She’s an oddity in my collection, she doesn’t hang out in my doll display cabinet or in the doll room. She hangs out in the study on the same shelf as my one My Scene doll and my two Liv dolls, all three of whom were rescued from the Salvos. Even then, she sits apart from them on the shelf and she would be ‘forever alone’ except she has Mrs. Potts, Lumière and Cogsworth to keep her company.

I don’t even know why I bought her when I did last year, I had no intention of starting up a Disney collection. I do covet the designer villains, the newest deluxe doll set for The Little Mermaid has Vanessa in it which I cannot lie, is awesome, and right now Gaston is for sale in the Disney Store. He looks a little silly in doll form but hey, its Gaston!

So until I make up my mind if another fairy tale doll is coming my way, Belle sticks out in a doll collection full of the dark, sometimes macabre (looking at you Living Dead Dolls), kawaii, anthropomorphic, monster and controversial.

Not the time to lose one’s head…

Austin Powers anyone?

That’s not the way to get ahead in life.



Okay so, I can’t stop quoting Austin Powers when I see these two anyway. Yes, that is another Galena head. This time white skin and I haven’t got a body sorted for the normal skin one yet. White!Galena needs a little bit of fixing. She’s lost one of her head cap magnets, I’m not sold on the face-up one of her previous owners gave her and I’ve given her two odd Volks metallic eyes to work out what her preferred eye colour is (my Volks Metallics obsession is big enough for another post).

I have also in transit a NS Vesuvia tail which I will give to one of these girlies when they get a body, and I’m currently doing my best to ignore the fact this year’s Soom limited line is based on fairytails. The Beast doll they’ve put out already is amazing and I can already tell the “Beauty” doll is going to be just as stunning.

My first actual ‘in person’ dolly purchase of 2013 however is not BJD related, but Monster High. I’ve done a good job so far of not buying Monster High dolls, already skipping the Dot Dead Gorgeous line, the 5 pack of skull shores and other non-unique dolls. Cams are something else, and I found some of the new ones. In Australian stores. Booya!


From left to right:

Ice Girl – My least favourite of the four. I love her ice legs for sure, but having translucent legs, an opaque face and transparent everything else without some sort of graduation between the three (like with Spectra white paint for instance) isn’t working in her favour. Her wig is shocking as is typical with most the CAM wigs, although mine has a really wonky fringe cut where it is way longer on her left side than her right. Her saving grace was the fact I could dress her in Abbey’s I Love fashion gear.

Blob Girl – Ice Girl’s counter part is the winner of the two for me. Even though she is the same with translucent legs, opaque face and transparent thighs, arms and torso the glitter all over her body helps unify her. She has a gorgeous button nose and on her forearms she has little slimy goo “drips”. Her head piece is fantastic and a better idea executed than any of the CAM wigs to date. She makes me want to go watch The Blob again actually, I haven’t seen it in so long…

Gorgon – She’s a lot more monster than the Gorgon from the main doll line, Deuce, and her hair is way more impressive.  No glasses though, as she doesn’t have ears so I guess she can control her stoning powers better than him? Or she can’t and doesn’t care? Either way, she’s my favourite of the four. She has scales all over her including her belly – which is something she even has over Dragon Girl. I wasn’t taken with her simple purple scale dress, so I had heaps of fun creating an outfit for her instead. Dragon Girl skirt and top, with spare Toralei shoes, pants and jacket. It kinda works with all the orange in her face-up.

Mummy Girl – She can be described as…decent. Which is not bad, but not great either. Nothing about her wows me, I just like her because there is nothing really wrong with her. I even got one with a pretty decent wig. The wrapping on her legs, arms and torso are lightly stained with gold here and there, but is mostly grey to match the colour of her face. Her eye make-up is nicely painted and her eyes themselves are a striking aqua. Her pink hieroglyph dress is lovely, and her shoes are nice too. She’s just nice. That’s it.

It comes to my attention as I write this I haven’t posted about the Vampire, Gargoyle and Puma boys, or the Ghost. Perhaps I will as I hunt for Harpy and Siren.

And just because it wouldn’t be in character to not notice, here are the shoes included with both CAM packs:


FYI I like Aliens

If there is anything I love more than witches in doll lines (and I really do love those), it’s aliens in well…anything. I only collect the Mass Effect alien character figures and ignore the human ones. My favourite characters from Star Trek/Wars/whichever sci-fi series is always an alien. My favourite all time movie is Aliens, I even have a xenomorph tattooed on my back.

So when MGA announced their Novi Stars line, I couldn’t help but be be interested.

There are five Novi Stars released at the moment, I chose Alie Lectric mainly because I loved the classic green skin and her Gaga-esque hair bow. When you hold a button on her back pack she lights up and her lights change colour.

The other four have their own little gimmick: Una Verse has a glitter filled body, Mae Tallick speaks, Ari Roma smells sweetly while Nita Light comes with a playset (and possibly glows in the dark as implied in the wiki).

These dolls are short compared to most of my other dolls and Alie only has mobility joints at the shoulders and mobility at the neck. She also has a pet named Hi-Def, who is incredibly cute and keeps making me think of The Jetsons for some reason.

The Lalaloopsy minis are the only toy line from MGA I collect (or my dolls collect >_>) so I had no idea what to expect when I opened her up. Honestly, I was a little disappointed.

Her clothes were super fraying with many loose threads, her hair quality is just ‘meh’ and she hates standing in her stand.

Her cuteness however, cannot be denied.

I actually think the most annoying thing about these dolls has nothing to do with the dolls themselves or quality issues – it is their bios. MGA says that Allie Lectric is ‘200 Trillion Light Years’ old, and it makes me want to face-palm oh so hard.

Overall, I do find these dolls quaint. They are retailing for $30 plus in my fair country at the moment which I do find a little steep – although I like Alie enough to maybe pick up Arie Roma or Una Verse next time I’m out. I’ll just try really hard to ignore the light years thing.

100 Monster High Dolls

I have (as of Sunday) 100 Monster High Dolls. I haven’t done anything special as yet, I really do think some cake baking is in order.

Or maybe just cake eating. It’s a good reason for cake =D


The lucky number 100 is Ghouls Rule Frankie, a worthy number 100 if I do say so myself. I found her at Toys ‘R’ Us all alone in a really battered box, so a return I assume, lucky for me. Still pretty far behind in my MH collecting:

  • Skull Shores 5 pack
  • Roler Maze Abbey 2 pack
  • Dead Tired Wave 2
  • Ghouls Rule (minus Frankie)
  • Scary Tales
  • Robecca Steam
  • Venus McFlytrap
  • Naked Frankie x2, Draculaura, Duece, Operetta and Abbey
  • Coffin Bean Draculaura and Roadster Draculaura
  • Monster High playset

I have the rest of the CAMs on their way to me from Canada, it’s been about a month though and I actually expected to hit 100 with that parcel instead of the random shelf find I ended up with. Still two weeks before it’s officially late. Hopefully they turn up soon.

These two are brand new Lalas that have recently been released here unbeknownst to me, so was a complete surprise when I saw them at TRU along with Frankie. They are Bubbles Smack ‘N’ Pop, who is made from bubblegum and is blowing a cute little bubble and Toastie Sweet Fluff who wears a fuzzy dress and has marshmallows in her hair. They are part of the Candy Cute series, the other two dolls in the series based on raspberry licorice and gumdrops.

Last bit of news is in relation to the Monster High Class of 2012 Facebook page:

Free wristband! For those that don’t know, the Class of 2012 page is either a global thing or Australia only (not too sure on that), and when you sign up promises a free wrist band and exclusive news content. So far the only content is a documentary on the 2012 Con, will report back if anything else is added.

Yay, free stuff!