+1 Tangkou

Tangkou number #2 is the Vampire Girl, thank-you Lea for recommending her to me!

Vampire Girl

Her outfit includes red fishnet stockings, black boots, a corset dress, lace over-skirt, wrist and neck chokers and a black lollita-maid-hat thing.

She also has evenly painted white fangs over plump, bright red lips. Red eye shadow and long red and black crimped hair means she hasn’t got an extensive colour palette, but she certainly fits at home with my doll crew.

The Tangkou doll has come a long way since I first found out about them in 2011 when the only known way (to me) was to import them from a Netherlands website. As I never imported one myself (I got my Pinocchio second hand from a US collector) I never really watched the development of Tangkou closely. Now when you search for these dolls in Google the first hit you get is Tangkoudoll.com which not only lists the small yet varied range of Tankgou dolls, it also lists all the official retailers as well as links to the eBay store.

If you wanted to compare the newer dolls to the old, look no further. Pinocchio (Pinnocchio according to the website) was one of the few

Vampire Girl and Pinocchiodolls that was on the smaller, Bratz-like body which had apparently broke in the mail on the way to her previous owner. When I ended up buying her I re-bodied her on to a Pullip type 2 body – Nero’s to be precise – and that meant I could dress her in Pullip clothing…although she lives in Nero’s stock anyway. This is why the height is so different between the two in the picture, as well as the fact Vampire is on a thicker plastic Pullip stand and Pinocchio is on a Tangkou stand.

The obvious difference between the old and new doll I have aside from the fullness of the newer doll’s lips is the fact that Pinocchio has terribly uneven rooted and dry hair, while Vampire has a far better quality wig. This is a major step forward, although I don’t think I will be changing out Vampire’s wig as it is better quality than most Pullip wigs.

Now unlike their more well-known dolly competitors, the price of a Tangkou makes it a much more wallet friendly addition to a doll collection. $30 for a basic and $60 for a limited is a lot lower than the easily upwards of $100 you could be paying for a Pullip or Blythe.

I am also pleased to discover that they do not have the same set of eye chips. Pinocchio has green, mauve, silver and red/orange eye chips with pink eye-lids and a single bow on each. Vampire Girl has:

Vampire Girl EyesThat is silver, mauve, green, these strange clear eye chips and awesome black eye lids with strawberries on them.

Hopefully one or two more updates to come over the weekend, and I’m expecting something big in the mail *cough*hurryupSoom*cough* so that is to come as well. Until next time!

Invasion of the Novi Stars

Since I last posted about Alie Lectric, I have collected a decent (Family? Gaggle? Pod? What is the correct term for a group of aliens?) collection of Novi Stars. In fact I have all the basic dolls to date as well as the Energy Pod playset with Nita Light and as of yesterday I have both Curl n Coil dolls and one of the two Novi Invasion dolls – Anne Arctic. Ina Ferna was also supposed to arrive, but she seems to be delayed in the post a little.

From left to right we have: Tily Vizon, Anne Arctic and Roe Botik. Both Curl n Coil dolls each got a pet (Telepuppy for Tily and Circuit for Roe) and interestingly, Anne the Novi Invasion doll came without. All three of course have their gimmicks: Anne with snow flakes in her legs and the coil hair gimmick of the other two dolls. The Curl and coil gimmick allows you to pull strings in their hair to coil up the piping, and when the piping is wrapped around other parts of their hair it creates new hair styles. Of course I have no flair for hair styling and I like the “dread fall” look their hair has in the default state anyway. Also noticeable is that the Curl n Coil girls are about a head taller than the Novi Invasion dolls and the other basics. All three also have no trouble standing upright in their stands, a clear improvement on the first wave.

Now even though Circuit is a nice and sturdy pet (which is great because most Novi pets will fall over if you look at them funny) and has the ability to twist his head around on his neck, the stand out of the two pets is most certainly Telepuppy. You can twist his television shaped head around to show different cute emotions on each facing of his monitors/screens.

Unfortunately an extreme close-up like this also highlights MGA’s lack of quality control with the paint screening.

With Ina Ferna somewhere on her way to me and Mimi Merize waiting to be shipped from Amazon, it only leaves Vera Tabray for me to hunt out and for me to decide if I want the Stellar Skinz or not. I think I’ll be fine to skip Orbit Beach and the secret egg pets…

…this line better not expand crazily like Monster High, for my sake.


(There is actually a rumour floating around that the line may actually be cancelled, something I will be very sad to see happen.)

The Scary Godmother

I’ve had a pretty rough time of life lately (I had to say goodbye to my best friend yesterday as she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge) and while aimlessly browsing doll forums trying to keep my mind off…I found something cool.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love witches, and so this Kick Starter is truly my cup of tea. Even if it isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to share the link around anyway because more dolls in the world is always awesome. Especially witch ones.


The Scary Godmother Kick Starter