SOOMed – so sue me.

Way back in February (Gee I’m bad at updating this blog) I was complaining that I had acquired another Galena head, but had not even given the normal skin one a body yet…

…Well finally I have. She even rocks the Vesuvia tail nicely. So here we have Belle the normal skin SO Sweet Witch Galena who wears the Hansel and Gretel – Sweet Witch Bi Weekly outfit next to Pandora the grey skin MD Deity Pitta who wears the SO Galena Sweet Witch outfit.

I cheeped out and got an older second hand body for her.  I was going to go for a new body to try to resin match better but there is so much variance from batch to batch in SOOM’s normal skin I decided not to worry too much. Overall it gives her a slightly flushed look in pictures but it isn’t as obvious in person and if I were to try to find a perfect match in bodies I may be at it for a while.

So while Belle still needs some boots, I am free to focus on getting a body for my white skin Galena, and to decided if I want her to have fantasy parts. Hooves maybe?

Or rather, I should be. I’m not though. I’m not, because SOOM ran a lottery. And I won.

Let me explain something – when a BJD company runs a lottery, the winner tends to not get a doll for free. What they actually win is a chance to buy a doll at full price. This time, the prizes were limited dolls SOOM had left over from 2011 for what ever reason (most due to people defaulting on payments). There were only one each of certain dolls, and there were up to 11 to 12 of others. In fact there were 18 light violet Arkrose. The dolls I were interested in though were light violet Migma (4 dolls available) and magenta Aenigma (only 2 dolls available).

Now, SOOM has four different websites (English, European, Japanese and Chinese) and everyone from all four sites were competing for the chance at the same dolls. So when I entered for both Aenigma and Migma on the Friday and watched the applications rise to 400+ over the weekend on the English site alone, I pretty much figured I had a snowflakes chance in hell at winning either. I mean, if we assume that each of the four sites had the same amount of applicants then that means there were most likely 1000+ applicants for these dolls.

In fact I was so sure I wasn’t going to have to spend big bucks come the Tuesday I happily went out MH hunting and found Catty Noir for the deplorable amount of $50. Which I bought but did feel the need to complain loudly to anyone that would listen about the price.

Tuesday comes along, I find out I’ve won the chance at not one, but both dolls I’ve applied for.

I’m completely happy I finally have two dolls I’ve wanted for ages coming home, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think I’ll be making many new dolly purchases until next year – WS Galena is just going to have to wait.