Tokidoki Luna

Woot! A Pullip post! Apparently she had been delivered yesterday, but the OH and I were so tired when we came home last night (Soundwave was awesome, but not the focus of this blog) we actually stepped over the missed delivery receipt.

Tokidoki 1Here Luna is in her “box prison”. For someone who has never unboxed a Pullip before, let me just say it is a mini challenge to just free her from the many twist ties that they also tape down for extra security. Once she (or he in the case of Taeyang) is free any celebration is short lived once you realise you have to cut away the plastic her arms, legs and torso are also wrapped up in. Pullips don’t have prisons, they have fortresses.

tokidoki 2Cute box is cute. I actually decided to flat-pack this one for storage.

tokidoki 3Finally free, and with all her bits. Donutella is adorable, and she fits nicely into the tokidoki bag which even has it’s own zipper. I want every single item of clothing Luna comes with in my size, except possibly her shoes although I do like them better now that I see them in person. One big major let down with this doll is her wig, no matter how cute the colours and style are, it is so wispy, hard to manage and strands just keep falling out. Another far more minor thing is her hips are really squeaky but squeakiness seems to be a standard issue with the various pullip bodies.

tokidoki 4The sticker “tattoos” she comes with. There are two identical sheets, and I assume they are reusable. They are not cut perfectly to the edges of the image which would have made more sense, but the outside edges are clear anyway. The big one which is shown on her back in her promo shots looks a little too large to fit (and one is shown over one of her arm ‘s swivel spots) and I suspect some clever photography or photoshop there.

tokidoki 5I decided to go with the black and white design (I have a black and grey tattoo in that exact spot, completely different subject matter though, hah!) and it looks…like she has a sticker there. I wasn’t expecting much with the stickers to be honest, for the tattoos to look more apart of her they would need to be painted on and that would mean a loss of customisation. I gave her a heart “tattoo” on her chest instead of on her cheeks, and the flower on her thigh.

tokidoki 6Clicking on these photos you can see the random flyaways across her face, so frustrating, and the very top of her heart “tattoo” poking out from her shirt. She is quite an edgy looking doll though and I’m completely giddy to have her sitting here next to me despite how negative I may seem to be coming across about her hair issues. She feels especially important to me as mentioned in a previous post, and she just may have been the recipient of a hug when she was first freed from her box.

tokidoki 7One more shot, because ❤


One thought on “Tokidoki Luna

  1. kewpie83 says:

    What a cute Pullip. I love the multi-color hair!

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