Tokidoki Grail

To me a doll grail is a doll you want desperately but have next to no chance of ever obtaining due to ridiculous price, terrible circumstance or really limited quantities. I have a few of these grail dolls: Happy birthday Pullip and Namu, Soom Galena in every colour and lastly…Tokidoki Barbie.

I became aware of Tokidoki Barbie’s existence less than a month after she had sold out everywhere and a quick eBay search reveals the extent of my annoyance and frustration about it. Those prices are high.

I’m happy to say, something was announced yesterday that might just make up for my unfortunate Barbie miss! The people at Groove are making a collaboration doll with Tokidoki –  Tokidoki Pullip Luna. She lacks Barbie’s edginess but has brought super sweetness to the table instead. I think her shoes could have been more interesting, but I have *plenty* of doll shoes lying about unworn I can give her.

Can only hope now she will become available online, and that her numbers are not too stressfully low.