FYI I like Aliens

If there is anything I love more than witches in doll lines (and I really do love those), it’s aliens in well…anything. I only collect the Mass Effect alien character figures and ignore the human ones. My favourite characters from Star Trek/Wars/whichever sci-fi series is always an alien. My favourite all time movie is Aliens, I even have a xenomorph tattooed on my back.

So when MGA announced their Novi Stars line, I couldn’t help but be be interested.

There are five Novi Stars released at the moment, I chose Alie Lectric mainly because I loved the classic green skin and her Gaga-esque hair bow. When you hold a button on her back pack she lights up and her lights change colour.

The other four have their own little gimmick: Una Verse has a glitter filled body, Mae Tallick speaks, Ari Roma smells sweetly while Nita Light comes with a playset (and possibly glows in the dark as implied in the wiki).

These dolls are short compared to most of my other dolls and Alie only has mobility joints at the shoulders and mobility at the neck. She also has a pet named Hi-Def, who is incredibly cute and keeps making me think of The Jetsons for some reason.

The Lalaloopsy minis are the only toy line from MGA I collect (or my dolls collect >_>) so I had no idea what to expect when I opened her up. Honestly, I was a little disappointed.

Her clothes were super fraying with many loose threads, her hair quality is just ‘meh’ and she hates standing in her stand.

Her cuteness however, cannot be denied.

I actually think the most annoying thing about these dolls has nothing to do with the dolls themselves or quality issues – it is their bios. MGA says that Allie Lectric is ‘200 Trillion Light Years’ old, and it makes me want to face-palm oh so hard.

Overall, I do find these dolls quaint. They are retailing for $30 plus in my fair country at the moment which I do find a little steep – although I like Alie enough to maybe pick up Arie Roma or Una Verse next time I’m out. I’ll just try really hard to ignore the light years thing.