100 Monster High Dolls

I have (as of Sunday) 100 Monster High Dolls. I haven’t done anything special as yet, I really do think some cake baking is in order.

Or maybe just cake eating. It’s a good reason for cake =D


The lucky number 100 is Ghouls Rule Frankie, a worthy number 100 if I do say so myself. I found her at Toys ‘R’ Us all alone in a really battered box, so a return I assume, lucky for me. Still pretty far behind in my MH collecting:

  • Skull Shores 5 pack
  • Roler Maze Abbey 2 pack
  • Dead Tired Wave 2
  • Ghouls Rule (minus Frankie)
  • Scary Tales
  • Robecca Steam
  • Venus McFlytrap
  • Naked Frankie x2, Draculaura, Duece, Operetta and Abbey
  • Coffin Bean Draculaura and Roadster Draculaura
  • Monster High playset

I have the rest of the CAMs on their way to me from Canada, it’s been about a month though and I actually expected to hit 100 with that parcel instead of the random shelf find I ended up with. Still two weeks before it’s officially late. Hopefully they turn up soon.

These two are brand new Lalas that have recently been released here unbeknownst to me, so was a complete surprise when I saw them at TRU along with Frankie. They are Bubbles Smack ‘N’ Pop, who is made from bubblegum and is blowing a cute little bubble and Toastie Sweet Fluff who wears a fuzzy dress and has marshmallows in her hair. They are part of the Candy Cute series, the other two dolls in the series based on raspberry licorice and gumdrops.

Last bit of news is in relation to the Monster High Class of 2012 Facebook page:

Free wristband! For those that don’t know, the Class of 2012 page is either a global thing or Australia only (not too sure on that), and when you sign up promises a free wrist band and exclusive news content. So far the only content is a documentary on the 2012 Con, will report back if anything else is added.

Yay, free stuff!

Box Prisons

I am a de-boxer. What this means is that when I get a brand new doll, instead of keeping them ‘MINT’ I free them from their box prison. It may devalue the doll in the long run but hey, I collect these dolls for me and have no plans to sell them anyway.

I got these in the mail yesterday from Pullip Style and as of today, they are still in their boxes. Why is this? Well, I’m out of room. Not for the dolls (I’m always struggling for room on them, hah!) but for their boxes. I’ve never kept a Monster High doll box, never felt the need. Pullip boxes though, I have kept every single one. They live in the cupboards under the display curio and the cupboards are now officially bursting.

I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I like their shininess and their unique patterns. They also proved themselves to be invaluable when I moved house and I needed to transport a whole heap of dolls safely. What this means for me is that now to help store them I’m going to have to flat pack them all – which means yay, it will free up more room.

I trashed the Catwalk Kitty boxes, the MH boxes…the one Disney doll I own her box was thrown away. Yet Pullip boxes get to stay. BJD boxes get to stay because they are great in storing spare resin pieces, but do I really need to keep every single one? Not all are as great as a Fairyland box. Living Dead Doll boxes stay too but hey, those coffins are cool.

Just something for me to think about while I get to flat packing. Why is it expected you keep some doll boxes and not others?