Almost A Month!

So I actually managed to last about 3 weeks not buying Monster High (who’d have thought I could) and last week I drove over to TRUs on a hunch that they may have restocked with some ghouls I didn’t have yet. I came home with both I Love Fashion Frankie and Abbey, Draculaura with her Powder Room and Ghoulia with her Scooter. All four dolls are awesome in their own way – Frankie and Abbey look edgy with their offbeat make-up, Draculaura looks really cute and you have to love Count Fabulous in a robe. The stand out of the four to me though is Ghoulia:


She’s so cool I don’t know where to begin.

  1. The headlight is an eyeball
  2. The front wheel axle thing is a skeletal hand
  3. Those boots!
  4. Helmet for Sir Hoots-A-Lot
  5. Kick stand of bones
  6. Brain seat
  7. Cup holder
  8. Those boots!!


  1. No Slow Moe doll included
  2. ???

The random cherry design is not normally associated with Ghoulia but I like it, something different to look at than the dripping blood and brains she’s always paired with. I have to say I loved the scooter so much I put it in my display cabinet. That’s right, I have no room left in that cabinet, but I *made* room for Ghoulia and her scooter.

I love her green lips. Her backpack has a skeletal hand sticking out the side too, intended to be used as a zipper.

In more MH news, SDCC Scarah Screams and Hoodude Voodoo made their way to me today – and if you count Hoodude that brings my total of Monster High dolls to 93. Getting closer to the big 100.


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