Preggers Midge

Been rather under the weather and haven’t felt up to much, but today I felt a smidgen better so decided to *shock and horror* clean out the spare room (room full of boxes of stuff). I only got a little bit of the way in but eventually, this room will be my new doll room. Hopefully this means I’ll be less stuck for space. A little bit less stuck for space. Anyways, it will take a few weeks to get everything cleared out/ebayed (a lot of stuff belongs to the partner too) but I’m just happy to have made some headway on it.

Also my updated checklist for Monster High has now grown with the boom of releases:

  • Skull Shores 5 pack
  • CAM Vampire and Gargoyle, Puma and Ghost
  • Ghouls Rule
  • Scary Tales
  • Robecca Steam
  • Venus McFlytrap
  • Scarah Screams and HooDude Voodoo
  • I Heart Fashion Abbey and Frankie
  • Naked Frankie, Draculaura, Cleo, Duece, Lagoona and Abbey
  • Scooter Ghoulia
  • Powder Room Draculaura
  • Coffin Bean Draculaura and Roadster Draculaura (lol to both of these)
  • Monster High playset
Of course, they’ve also announced RM Clawdeen, Ghouls Rule Abbey and Headless Headmistress Bloodgood at SDCC so far! I’m hoping Wydona Spider is next announced personally, I’ll kill for a spider Monster High.
But…enough about my doll want list and my room project, it’s about time I got around to introducing someone:
Happy Family Midge. I am sorry it took so long – I was waiting on some maternity clothes with a Halloween theme to dress her in, but when they arrived they didn’t fit as promised. I wish I could sew, I really do. Anyways, my particular Midge was second hand but in great condition. She came with a crib, bath tub some babie accessories like bottles and toys and two babies.
My Midgey has twins! I suspect these babies are actually from the pediatrician Barbie in the same Happy Family line. Not complaining too much, but it does mean I wouldn’t mind tracking down the correct baby eventually.
Controversially, as I read on sources on the interwebs, Preggers midge was first released without a wedding ring! Shocking stuff I know, everyone knows you can’t be pregnant unless you’re married. Also her first run boxes didn’t include cardboard cut-outs of her husband! The horror! She was pulled from shelves because she promoted teen pregnancy. Riiight. Anyways, my Midge at least was a second release, as she has a wedding band. Phew! 
I will admit, I have never been pregnant so I can’t really be sure…but I don’t think this is very appropriate foot wear. Someone tell me my ebay seller got these mixed up as well. I think these uncomfortable looking bright pink atrocities are the most offensive thing about Happy Family Midge.
Jokes and snark aside, I probably would look into getting more from this line. I would love the grandparents, and the little boy Ryan and the older version of Nikki. Don’t want Alan though, not very fond of his dopey grin (I think I’ve said that somewhere in this blog before.) My Midge will be a proud Divorcee. And she’s happy about it.
Teen pregnancy my a$#.

2 thoughts on “Preggers Midge

  1. barbielea says:

    Wow! I just love this doll. Aside from the great gimmick, she’s got a lovely, understated face. And I love a bit of Barbie scandal too! But I fail to see how advocating teenage marriage is any healthier than advocating teenage pregnancy … Or those bloody ridiculous heels, which you are quite right about. I LOVE the grandparents and desperately want them, but they’re very HTF over here. There were also some Grandparent dolls produced for a late seventies line called “The Heart Family”, which I am looking for too … Anyway, congrats on your lovely Midge, hope she took Alan to the cleaners with the settlement! 🙂

  2. tagidoll says:

    I see the Heart Family, and I really like them! I wonder if there was the same amount of ruckus back in the 70s when those were released.
    …man they had a tandem bike set XD And a family Old English Sheepdog named True Heart. Too fun.

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