Violet and Clover

Ante made it here safely over the weekend, was promptly re-named Violet and her sister Darjeeling claimed Clover.

I’m ever so grateful for all the lovely warm clothes Miri and Wendy sent along, as none of the clothes I have bought for the pair have arrived yet so both were stuck for things to wear.  Violet’s wig is lovely and suits her perfectly which is great, because their wigs haven’t arrived either! I think I’ll let her keep this one and Clover can have her choice of the others when they arrive.

The pixie siblings have taken to hanging out at the Coffin Bean (my desk) drinking their favourite thick shakes and listening to those strange Monster High dolls talk about “fearleading” and “Justin Biter”. What ever those things are. The pixies think they sound super boring I’m sure.

They’ve taken a special liking to Harriet, who is the smallest BJD here next to them. Harriet’s favourite book, The Secret Garden, was a present from Miri and Wendy…last year I think? They much prefer this book than the ones those teen monster’s call “Biteology homework”.

Thank-you again Wendy and Miri for being such cool people (and pixies) and selling me Violet! She’s fitting right in!

One thought on “Violet and Clover

  1. Miranda says:

    Yaay!! Other dollies surviving plane trips always make me feel good. I’m so glad to hear that Violet made it, and that she’s settling in so nicely. Can’t wait to see her adventures with your crew. Clover and Violet look so sweet together! Thank you for this blog update and for letting us know!! – Miri

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