My Top Ten Monster High Shoes

Before I get into it, this is meant to be fun. My top ten may (and will) look different than the next person’s list, especially as I’m just using MH shoes in my own collection which means shoes from the newer release dolls like ‘Ghouls Rule’ and ‘I Love/Heart Fashion’ weren’t under consideration. To get in my exact frame of mind, stick “Shoes” by Tiga on in the background as you read (or don’t but it’s a great song =p)

10. Dead Tired Slippers

They are criminally cute and I love how they differ just enough from character to character. I actully can’t wait until I get my hands on the new DT dolls just because they should come with new versions of these cutie slippers.

The rest (9-1) are in no particular order, as trying to pick a ranking for these would be far too hard. Trust me, I tried. (Click the thumbnails for bigger pictures in the gallery).

Please click me for a larger view in the gallery

Dawn of the Dance Lagoona
So delicate and stylish, her clear ‘wave’ shoes suit her personality and her dress perfectly. They give me a glass slipper feel ala Cinderella and (luckily) they make up for the gloriously horrible hair do DotD Lagoona sports.

Roller Maze Lagoona
All four roller skates released so far are awesome, actually. I just preffer the scales and fins on Lagoona’s to the more muted designs on the other three (Ghoulia, Frankie and Operetta). The wheels actually turn on these!

Classroom Lagoona
The last of the Lagoona shoes I’ve included (although I did want to include another pair I couldn’t find room for) these lace up lovelies with cork soles almost got a dishonerable mention for being extremely impractical shoes for a science lab.

Nefera de Nile
Very regal looking kicks that sport adders on the heal, and they upstage every single one of Cleo’s shoes. These are shoes fit for a Queen. Or just the Queen B-ch!

Sweet 1600 Draculaura
She has a wardrobe with 100s of years worth of fashion, so is it any wonder she has shoes that look edible? I think the icing/frosting strap is my favourite =)

2.0 (School’s Out) Clawdeen
When I first saw her in person I actually let out a “woah”. I want these kicks for myself. From the zips to the gold spike heal, these boots are just badass.

Create-A-Monster Skeleton
These shoes are just simply clever, and they look like they belong on those boney feet. I think the little bone bows on the front that get me the most.

Spectra Fashion Pack
It was a tough choce to choose between basic Spectra’s shoes and these ones as both are great. I went with the fashion pack ones only as I love the way they swallow her transperent feet looking just that little bit more ghostly.

C. A. Cupid
Lastely, even though they could be accused of being a little too busy, they do sport heart chain links and bow and arrow heels making them a great final addition to my top ten.

Dishonourable Mentions – Scream Uniform Clawdeen

Open toed and heeled soccer boots? I know the story goes that Clawdeen is the only one athletic enough to be able to wear these effectivly, but I don’t buy it. You’re going to hurt yourself Clawdeen. Not to forget the choice of plastic socks over regular cloth ones do annoy a small chunk of collectors out there.

Dishonourable Mentions – Recolours

We all know it’s bound to happen with a line of dolls this involved and large, doesn’t mean we are going to ignore it when it does happen though. All the shoes are recoloured in the ‘I heart/Love Fashion’ Frankie and Abbey doll packs. And it was the first thing I noticed.

7 thoughts on “My Top Ten Monster High Shoes

  1. barbielea says:

    Ha ha you did it! Very useful post too – its easy to overlook the shoes when you’re looking at boxed dolls, so the odds are good that if you haven’t bought, you’ve never considered them (with the exception of shoes like CAM skeleton’s, which I’ve found through trawling the Internet, seem to be kind of famous in their own right). For instance, I never wanted Cupid (although I love the rest, the geisha lips are a deal breaker for me) and I’ve never noticed her feet before – they are great!

  2. Miranda Ixie says:

    Those are some seriously cute shoes. Half of them I want it MY size. CUTE!

  3. tagidoll says:

    I know, right? I might just kill for a pair of 2.0 Clawdeen’s boots in my size!

  4. tagidoll says:

    Of course I did it, it was a great idea you had 😉 I’m glad you found it useful too. Cupid really is a great doll (her head mold is a ghoulia under all that make-up after all) and you could always just re-paint her lips *enables enables*.

  5. barbielea says:

    Nooo don’t encourage meee … just bought a Rochelle, which was about the eighth “definitely the last buy I am making until payday”, and I only got paid four days ago 🙂 … by the way, R’s shoes are lovely, but its the pink sock combination that really makes the outfit – love them!

  6. tagidoll says:

    Rochelle’s shoes were also short listed, just didn’t make the cut. And it was hard cutting them! I was very surprised at how much I loved Rochelle from the moment I freed her from her box prison.

  7. barbielea says:

    Well, you did have a lot to choose from! Re: Rochelle, me too – I actually haven’t unboxed her yet, but before I got her I was ambivalent – now I have her, I’m wondering what the hell got into me that I couldn’t see what a great doll she is … can’t wait for the next two, as I think they will be even better

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