No Dolls Fail

During the start of last week, this year’s Pullip and Taeyang SDCC exclusives were revealed to be Wonder Woman and Batman – while I suspect Batman will start to grow on me, for the immediate future I was safe. Or so I thought I was, until I noticed that 2011 SDCC Batgirl was dicounted over at Pullip Style. With Regen Paja on preorder, paid for by my OH for our anniversary (so I hadn’t broke my self imposed no doll rule yet) I messaged the good folk at Pullip Style to ask about adding Batgirl to my order.

They said yes (because they are awesome folk) and now I have Batgirl coming home to hang out with my Wonder Festival Catwoman. No worries I thought, it’s just one doll, the hiatus can officially start from now.

On Friday, Wendy and her pal Miranda were rehoming some second hand dolls, one of which was a Puki Ante. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if Darjeeling could have a twin sister? I dropped Wendy and Miri a message about Ante and was told I was second in line for her, they were waiting to hear back from interested party #1. I figured I was out of luck, and just as well, as I was on a doll hiatus.

So of course Wendy got back to me to tell me Ante was mine, and she could be here as early as Tuesday (which is tomorrow actually, but I won’t hold my breath for Australia Post.) Completely ecstatic I was getting an Ante at a great price I realised that she would be my second wardrobe challenged puki so I picked out two cute outfits from etsy.

“Ok Self”, I tell myself. “No more!”

Having been invited to a 50th Birthday in a week, I needed to go shopping to find an outfit (Birthday gal has requested everyone wear navy blue for her theme, and the only navy blue clothing I own would be my work uniform) so off I trot to the local shopping centre. Keep in mind, that as it’s nearing the end of financial year all the majors are competing with their toy sales. I came home with these four:

…and no outfit.

I really suck at this no dolls thing. Seriously, no more from Now!

2 thoughts on “No Dolls Fail

  1. Wendy & Miri says:

    No dolls is hard. And overrated. :You’re better off just giving in, in my experience. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out! This is a nifty blog! And I’m so glad you adopted Ante. She left the San Francisco post office on Saturday, so she should be there in no time!

    Later, ‘gator!

    Wendy & Miri

  2. tagidoll says:

    Well I’m very glad I gave in for Ante =D She actually arrived yesterday and she and her sister are getting along like a house on fire. No photos yet though, I’m hoping to have time tomorrow to take a whole bunch! And the extras you sent were very well appreciated, thank-you so much! Now neither have to freeze down here for winter ❤

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