FYI I Like Witches

My Luts Zuzu Delf Chu and CCC Ophelia Licorice are witches in their full sets and Galena Sweet Witch is of course a witch herself. I also have a giant Halloween prop witch that hangs out in my semi doll room. I like witches, no hiding it. So when the Monster High cat and witch CAM was released I got myself one as soon as I could.

I hated the wig the pack came with, so used Liv wigs. The newer CAMs all have hard heads, so the pegs inside the LIV wigs need to be snipped off so they fit. It’s a shame the Liv line is failing, they have great wigs (as well as fashions) and so will only be harder and harder to get in time. As Mattel have swapped in an extra torso and swapped out the second pair of shoes with the new packs, I had to do some online shopping, making my witch the most pampered doll in my MH collection yet.

At first it was just Ruby Slippers but then I went on a shopping spree and bought her stripey socks and a black flowing medieval gown. She also has a gold cape not pictured, but pictures can be found on my flickr. Mattel has given her pointed ears for anyone curious, to make her seem like more of a ‘ghoul’ and less of a human with green skin. I adore everything about her, from her ‘it’s perfect’ hand to the beauty spot on her lip.

Miss kitty has herself one or two problems. One being one side of her whiskers are longer than the other – a flaw as far as I have seen from owner pictures all the kitty dolls have. I was going to wipe her whiskers off but decided against it as her muzzle makes her look older than what I like when it is bare. The other major issue is the fact her clip on ears are far too big. On the werewolf CAM I managed to get her ears looking semi decent with the clips, but kitty’s ears don’t seem to want to play dice as they are just that much too big. To get around this I snipped off the tag on both ears, skewered two holes in the Liv wig I used and slid the peg on the ears in. I’m more or less happy with the results, at least I can move her without her ears slipping out of her hair now.

I actually shouldn’t be getting any more MH for the next month and a bit as I have my car registration due and other such hefty bills – with the exception of the SDCC exclusive which is Scarah Screams and her “date” (expected to be a HooDude). I’ve made myself a little promise to go on a MH break – lets see how well I do at keeping it!

2 thoughts on “FYI I Like Witches

  1. barbielea says:

    Your witch looks great! I love her outfit. Did you know that Barbie did a witch range for children, have you seem them? They were called Charm Girls and they were controversial as some people worried they might make children think that black magic is cool, or something … yet here we are ten-ish years later and your cat CAM seems to be making a devil horns hand gesture, am I right? Wow, maybe Mattel really is staffed by representatives of the dark side after all 🙂

  2. tagidoll says:

    She sure is making the devil horns sign with her hands, as far as I know nothing much negative has been said about it either. I didn’t know those charm girls existed, they sure do look like they’re my type of doll! I think I like Kayla the best >_> Not sure about Mattel being staffed by the dark side but they sure do know how to separate me from my money ha!

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