My Top Ten Monster High Shoes

Before I get into it, this is meant to be fun. My top ten may (and will) look different than the next person’s list, especially as I’m just using MH shoes in my own collection which means shoes from the newer release dolls like ‘Ghouls Rule’ and ‘I Love/Heart Fashion’ weren’t under consideration. To get in my exact frame of mind, stick “Shoes” by Tiga on in the background as you read (or don’t but it’s a great song =p)

10. Dead Tired Slippers

They are criminally cute and I love how they differ just enough from character to character. I actully can’t wait until I get my hands on the new DT dolls just because they should come with new versions of these cutie slippers.

The rest (9-1) are in no particular order, as trying to pick a ranking for these would be far too hard. Trust me, I tried. (Click the thumbnails for bigger pictures in the gallery).

Please click me for a larger view in the gallery

Dawn of the Dance Lagoona
So delicate and stylish, her clear ‘wave’ shoes suit her personality and her dress perfectly. They give me a glass slipper feel ala Cinderella and (luckily) they make up for the gloriously horrible hair do DotD Lagoona sports.

Roller Maze Lagoona
All four roller skates released so far are awesome, actually. I just preffer the scales and fins on Lagoona’s to the more muted designs on the other three (Ghoulia, Frankie and Operetta). The wheels actually turn on these!

Classroom Lagoona
The last of the Lagoona shoes I’ve included (although I did want to include another pair I couldn’t find room for) these lace up lovelies with cork soles almost got a dishonerable mention for being extremely impractical shoes for a science lab.

Nefera de Nile
Very regal looking kicks that sport adders on the heal, and they upstage every single one of Cleo’s shoes. These are shoes fit for a Queen. Or just the Queen B-ch!

Sweet 1600 Draculaura
She has a wardrobe with 100s of years worth of fashion, so is it any wonder she has shoes that look edible? I think the icing/frosting strap is my favourite =)

2.0 (School’s Out) Clawdeen
When I first saw her in person I actually let out a “woah”. I want these kicks for myself. From the zips to the gold spike heal, these boots are just badass.

Create-A-Monster Skeleton
These shoes are just simply clever, and they look like they belong on those boney feet. I think the little bone bows on the front that get me the most.

Spectra Fashion Pack
It was a tough choce to choose between basic Spectra’s shoes and these ones as both are great. I went with the fashion pack ones only as I love the way they swallow her transperent feet looking just that little bit more ghostly.

C. A. Cupid
Lastely, even though they could be accused of being a little too busy, they do sport heart chain links and bow and arrow heels making them a great final addition to my top ten.

Dishonourable Mentions – Scream Uniform Clawdeen

Open toed and heeled soccer boots? I know the story goes that Clawdeen is the only one athletic enough to be able to wear these effectivly, but I don’t buy it. You’re going to hurt yourself Clawdeen. Not to forget the choice of plastic socks over regular cloth ones do annoy a small chunk of collectors out there.

Dishonourable Mentions – Recolours

We all know it’s bound to happen with a line of dolls this involved and large, doesn’t mean we are going to ignore it when it does happen though. All the shoes are recoloured in the ‘I heart/Love Fashion’ Frankie and Abbey doll packs. And it was the first thing I noticed.

No Dolls Fail

During the start of last week, this year’s Pullip and Taeyang SDCC exclusives were revealed to be Wonder Woman and Batman – while I suspect Batman will start to grow on me, for the immediate future I was safe. Or so I thought I was, until I noticed that 2011 SDCC Batgirl was dicounted over at Pullip Style. With Regen Paja on preorder, paid for by my OH for our anniversary (so I hadn’t broke my self imposed no doll rule yet) I messaged the good folk at Pullip Style to ask about adding Batgirl to my order.

They said yes (because they are awesome folk) and now I have Batgirl coming home to hang out with my Wonder Festival Catwoman. No worries I thought, it’s just one doll, the hiatus can officially start from now.

On Friday, Wendy and her pal Miranda were rehoming some second hand dolls, one of which was a Puki Ante. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if Darjeeling could have a twin sister? I dropped Wendy and Miri a message about Ante and was told I was second in line for her, they were waiting to hear back from interested party #1. I figured I was out of luck, and just as well, as I was on a doll hiatus.

So of course Wendy got back to me to tell me Ante was mine, and she could be here as early as Tuesday (which is tomorrow actually, but I won’t hold my breath for Australia Post.) Completely ecstatic I was getting an Ante at a great price I realised that she would be my second wardrobe challenged puki so I picked out two cute outfits from etsy.

“Ok Self”, I tell myself. “No more!”

Having been invited to a 50th Birthday in a week, I needed to go shopping to find an outfit (Birthday gal has requested everyone wear navy blue for her theme, and the only navy blue clothing I own would be my work uniform) so off I trot to the local shopping centre. Keep in mind, that as it’s nearing the end of financial year all the majors are competing with their toy sales. I came home with these four:

…and no outfit.

I really suck at this no dolls thing. Seriously, no more from Now!

The little fairy has arrived…

…and she’s tiny!

The elephant jumpsuit is the only item of clothing I have that fits her. I had all these other clothes I’d gotten for her and…far too big! As well as clothes I need to find her some hair, and most importantly a name! She is my smallest BJD to date. Much too excited to post much else at the moment, something more coherent to come.

FYI I Like Witches

My Luts Zuzu Delf Chu and CCC Ophelia Licorice are witches in their full sets and Galena Sweet Witch is of course a witch herself. I also have a giant Halloween prop witch that hangs out in my semi doll room. I like witches, no hiding it. So when the Monster High cat and witch CAM was released I got myself one as soon as I could.

I hated the wig the pack came with, so used Liv wigs. The newer CAMs all have hard heads, so the pegs inside the LIV wigs need to be snipped off so they fit. It’s a shame the Liv line is failing, they have great wigs (as well as fashions) and so will only be harder and harder to get in time. As Mattel have swapped in an extra torso and swapped out the second pair of shoes with the new packs, I had to do some online shopping, making my witch the most pampered doll in my MH collection yet.

At first it was just Ruby Slippers but then I went on a shopping spree and bought her stripey socks and a black flowing medieval gown. She also has a gold cape not pictured, but pictures can be found on my flickr. Mattel has given her pointed ears for anyone curious, to make her seem like more of a ‘ghoul’ and less of a human with green skin. I adore everything about her, from her ‘it’s perfect’ hand to the beauty spot on her lip.

Miss kitty has herself one or two problems. One being one side of her whiskers are longer than the other – a flaw as far as I have seen from owner pictures all the kitty dolls have. I was going to wipe her whiskers off but decided against it as her muzzle makes her look older than what I like when it is bare. The other major issue is the fact her clip on ears are far too big. On the werewolf CAM I managed to get her ears looking semi decent with the clips, but kitty’s ears don’t seem to want to play dice as they are just that much too big. To get around this I snipped off the tag on both ears, skewered two holes in the Liv wig I used and slid the peg on the ears in. I’m more or less happy with the results, at least I can move her without her ears slipping out of her hair now.

I actually shouldn’t be getting any more MH for the next month and a bit as I have my car registration due and other such hefty bills – with the exception of the SDCC exclusive which is Scarah Screams and her “date” (expected to be a HooDude). I’ve made myself a little promise to go on a MH break – lets see how well I do at keeping it!