Rochelle and Dorkson

Rochelle Goyle and Jackson Jekyll (who I love to call Dorkson) made it all the way to my PO Box Monday. I know I’m a little behind most collectors with these two as they’ve been out for a little bit now in the US, but as an Australian collector I’m forced into being a little slower.

Tuesday I had typed out a post about how I annoyed I was at the flaw in Dorkson’s eye but as I was posting my broswer crashed and I lost everything. Just as well, it was rather ranty and someone on Flickr has already commented it is hard to even see the flaw – so I’m probably just being an overly picky collector. As it is Dorkson was my 81st Monster High doll and first one with a flaw that really bugged me, and that aint bad for odds I guess.

Oh and yes, I love Rochelle. I love the random distribution of speckles accross her face and of the random distribution of green strands through her hair and she is as cute in person as she is in all those owner pictures all over the interwebs. When Rochelle and the other two new basic characters were first revealed I had found her to be the least interesting, and now knowing how great she really is I cannot wait for Venus or Robecca to hit shelves.

In the quiet land of BJD news: Soom has released a new SO – but unfortunately for me not a tanned monthly like I had hoped. Also for anyone curious my Pukipuki Darjeeling is still atleast a month out, so says the waiting room on DOA – but there are still people from January waiting on orders so it could very easily take longer.

5 thoughts on “Rochelle and Dorkson

  1. barbielea says:

    81 my God! That’s commitment to the cause! Just got Jackson myself actually – undecided about Rochelle, desperately awaiting appearance of Robecca …

  2. tagidoll says:

    The current count is actually 83 (got the cat and witch CAM Wednesday) XD My favourite of the three is actually Venus, I just love her green and pink design, and her shoes and her pet and all those gnarly teeth *love*

  3. barbielea says:

    I think Venus will be the most popular and I would certainly want her, but Robecca is my priority – I love her colouring and she has a great face. Been on a MH splurge this month, not counted how many I am up to – bit scared to, really! And there’s at least another seven I have to get, including Robecca but not including a possible Rochelle … O dear, my poor neglected Barbie collection … And congratulations on cat and witch, do you like? Think this is my favourite CAM so far.

  4. tagidoll says:

    Yes to the witch but the cat not so much (in her default state). I never loved the clip on ears and unlike with the werewolf where I managed to get them looking decent, I just couldn’t do it with the cat. So I had to modify her a bit >_> The packs default wig is terrible but the pair of kitty shoes it comes with are cute….I’ve already bought ruby slippers for the witch to wear so she isn’t barefoot =D

  5. barbielea says:

    No, just got the werewolf with the clip-on ears myself and can’t get it to look right AT ALL. Disappointed – I was really looking forward to the cat but don’t like those ears … Awww might still get it anyway, it’s such a cool concept …

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