Create A Monster Wave 1

The first post in this blog featured two wave 1 CAMs on an old doll couch I found in Savers, and now I’ve (almost) finished with wave one I thought I might take a group shot on the same couch.

I would like a different liv wig for the vampire and I need to paint the Sea Monster’s limbs a paler blue to match, the reason they are this dark at the moment is something never to be discussed in public and all people in attendance at the incident have been sworn to secrecy. The start of wave 2 is already on the way with the Witch and Cat girl pack and I already know I’m planning on wiping off the silly moustache whiskers the tabby cat has.

Almost can’t wait for the Coffin Bean so I can have some monster high scale seating.

One thought on “Create A Monster Wave 1

  1. […] purchasing them to function sort of like props, as my dolls’ dolls (this is completely Tagi’s fault). Here is Cloud with my Emo Tween Lola, don’t they look great […]

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