…but she’s got a new hat!

Any fashion doll collecting Simpson’s fan should know what the phrase: ‘but she’s got a new hat!‘ means, and lately when it comes to my Monster High collecting, I’ve started to hear it in my own head. For instance, I bought the Day at the Maul fashion pack with the intention of buying a nude Lala and Frankie to put them in…only to go a head and buy the Killer Style dolls. The Killer Style doll clothes are just varients of the clothes in the fashion pack. I was also thinking of buying both varients of Abbey’s new ice skating outft. One has a purple skirt, one has blue.

Why? Do I want to be *that* much of a completionist? I guess it is only just starting to hit me just how hard getting *every* single doll in such a popular line is going to be. It is only in its second year and the line is showing no signs that it will calm down any time soon. Already Mattel is just releasing their new CAM and Roller Derby lines, Robecca Steam and Venus will be released soon as well as the announcement of Ghouls Rule, wave 2 Dead Tired, Dot Dead Gorgeous, Day at the Maul Clawdeen and Operetta (whose outfits are variants of the just-now released outfit packs), Scary Tales and we can’t forget the Skull Shores five pack including colour version Frankie plus Clawdeen and Cleo.

And all of that, doesn’t even include the playsets – Coffin Bean, Draculaura’s Powder Room, Cleo’s Vanity, Lab Pack, the High School, Ghoulia’s Scooter and Draculaura’s Roadster.

Speaking of the roadster, I bought one myself, a few weeks ago. Wasn’t cheap either (found it in a Toyworld and their prices can be a bit questionable at times) but I felt I couldn’t leave it there. Unlike the dolls (and their clothes) I haven’t bought all of the play sets. I never bought The coffin bed or Frankie’s mirror bed, and only bought the hydration station and Clawdeen’s bed because they came with dolls. Of the upcoming play sets the only one I thought I would be buying was the Coffin Bean (as it came with a doll and I would have use for a doll couch for displaying), until I read the powder room and scooter will have dolls. And the roadster is also to be re-released. With a doll.

I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. The thought of re-buying the roadster just for a Lala doll has got Smithers repeating that Simpson quote in my head over and over. Can I even hope to keep up if Mattel keeps pumping out these dolls for the next decade? Or for as long as the Queen of playline Barbie has been around? Is it best I just stick to the basic line of dolls like I had originally said I was going to back in late 2010/early 2011 – when my collection was as big as this:

2 thoughts on “…but she’s got a new hat!

  1. barbielea says:

    Hi Tagi. I think this is the flip side to the issue you discussed in your post about breaking the rules, where you mentioned that you buy the odd doll – like Barbie – who is not one of your usual target dolls. Now you are talking about maybe NOT buying dolls from your target group …. Well, buying EVERY MH is a huge undertaking and as you say, MH looks set to run and run. Personally, I have always made myself stick to the dolls I like best from my chosen lines (eg So In Style) and although this causes me the odd pang, I know its right for my budget and space constrictions. On the other hand, your collection is really something and I’m sure if it was mine, I would be tempted to continue taking it all the way …

    And although the huge number of new MH sets might not be great news for completionists, it’s going to be fantastic for newbies like me! I only started with MHs in October last year, and for a long time I felt kind of guilty about starting up another dolly collection so I dont have many. I’m particularly excited about the prospect of a Dead Tired 2 range, as I missed the first one completely … Best wishes

  2. tagidoll says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment ❤ I think I just need to take a few deep breaths and collect them as they come, and not let it stress me out. The whole point of this hobby is it is fun, the second it stops being so it is time to walk away for a bit (true for most things in life). If I skip some of the playset dolls when they are first released, I'll have fun hunting for someone selling them second hand, I'm sure XD

    As for the upcoming lines, I personally can't wait for Scary Tales, and I love Dead Tired to pieces, glad to see they are adding abbey this time around.

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