Beryl – Dark Moon

My NS Galena head is on her way to me finally, and the news of her impending arrival comes the same day Soom has decided to release Dark Moon Beryl – a tan SO. I’ve always been a big fan of Beryl, I personally thought she would have looked great as a PokeSoom on a Vesuvia body and if my heart didn’t belong to another Soom sculpt I would be right there refreshing for her at 5 pm.

Word on the street is she will probably be sold out within about 30 seconds.

The sale of a tan SO though brings with it the speculation that Soom may be releasing more of  their older monthly dolls in tan and this leaves me feeling hopeful. I may have missed out on a bronze Galena, but perhaps there is a chance I will get a brown tan one – which is a colour I would much prefer anyway.

Only time and Soom stalking will tell!


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