Rochelle and Dorkson

Rochelle Goyle and Jackson Jekyll (who I love to call Dorkson) made it all the way to my PO Box Monday. I know I’m a little behind most collectors with these two as they’ve been out for a little bit now in the US, but as an Australian collector I’m forced into being a little slower.

Tuesday I had typed out a post about how I annoyed I was at the flaw in Dorkson’s eye but as I was posting my broswer crashed and I lost everything. Just as well, it was rather ranty and someone on Flickr has already commented it is hard to even see the flaw – so I’m probably just being an overly picky collector. As it is Dorkson was my 81st Monster High doll and first one with a flaw that really bugged me, and that aint bad for odds I guess.

Oh and yes, I love Rochelle. I love the random distribution of speckles accross her face and of the random distribution of green strands through her hair and she is as cute in person as she is in all those owner pictures all over the interwebs. When Rochelle and the other two new basic characters were first revealed I had found her to be the least interesting, and now knowing how great she really is I cannot wait for Venus or Robecca to hit shelves.

In the quiet land of BJD news: Soom has released a new SO – but unfortunately for me not a tanned monthly like I had hoped. Also for anyone curious my Pukipuki Darjeeling is still atleast a month out, so says the waiting room on DOA – but there are still people from January waiting on orders so it could very easily take longer.

Create A Monster Wave 1

The first post in this blog featured two wave 1 CAMs on an old doll couch I found in Savers, and now I’ve (almost) finished with wave one I thought I might take a group shot on the same couch.

I would like a different liv wig for the vampire and I need to paint the Sea Monster’s limbs a paler blue to match, the reason they are this dark at the moment is something never to be discussed in public and all people in attendance at the incident have been sworn to secrecy. The start of wave 2 is already on the way with the Witch and Cat girl pack and I already know I’m planning on wiping off the silly moustache whiskers the tabby cat has.

Almost can’t wait for the Coffin Bean so I can have some monster high scale seating.

…but she’s got a new hat!

Any fashion doll collecting Simpson’s fan should know what the phrase: ‘but she’s got a new hat!‘ means, and lately when it comes to my Monster High collecting, I’ve started to hear it in my own head. For instance, I bought the Day at the Maul fashion pack with the intention of buying a nude Lala and Frankie to put them in…only to go a head and buy the Killer Style dolls. The Killer Style doll clothes are just varients of the clothes in the fashion pack. I was also thinking of buying both varients of Abbey’s new ice skating outft. One has a purple skirt, one has blue.

Why? Do I want to be *that* much of a completionist? I guess it is only just starting to hit me just how hard getting *every* single doll in such a popular line is going to be. It is only in its second year and the line is showing no signs that it will calm down any time soon. Already Mattel is just releasing their new CAM and Roller Derby lines, Robecca Steam and Venus will be released soon as well as the announcement of Ghouls Rule, wave 2 Dead Tired, Dot Dead Gorgeous, Day at the Maul Clawdeen and Operetta (whose outfits are variants of the just-now released outfit packs), Scary Tales and we can’t forget the Skull Shores five pack including colour version Frankie plus Clawdeen and Cleo.

And all of that, doesn’t even include the playsets – Coffin Bean, Draculaura’s Powder Room, Cleo’s Vanity, Lab Pack, the High School, Ghoulia’s Scooter and Draculaura’s Roadster.

Speaking of the roadster, I bought one myself, a few weeks ago. Wasn’t cheap either (found it in a Toyworld and their prices can be a bit questionable at times) but I felt I couldn’t leave it there. Unlike the dolls (and their clothes) I haven’t bought all of the play sets. I never bought The coffin bed or Frankie’s mirror bed, and only bought the hydration station and Clawdeen’s bed because they came with dolls. Of the upcoming play sets the only one I thought I would be buying was the Coffin Bean (as it came with a doll and I would have use for a doll couch for displaying), until I read the powder room and scooter will have dolls. And the roadster is also to be re-released. With a doll.

I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. The thought of re-buying the roadster just for a Lala doll has got Smithers repeating that Simpson quote in my head over and over. Can I even hope to keep up if Mattel keeps pumping out these dolls for the next decade? Or for as long as the Queen of playline Barbie has been around? Is it best I just stick to the basic line of dolls like I had originally said I was going to back in late 2010/early 2011 – when my collection was as big as this:

Cuteness Overload

My somewhat rapidly growing group of mini Lalaloopsy. I’ve been trying to pick a favourite but I’m really finding it hard – most likely a three way tie between Tuffet Miss Muffet, Jelly wiggle Jiggle and Bun Bun sticky Icing but honestly they are all just so cute it’s hard to even pick three. I also love my Lalaloopsy couch, one of my favourite doll accessory purchases ever. Unlike Monster High where for some reason I’m trying to collect every doll *madness* with the Lalas I’m only collecting the ones I like, which is why I’m missing quite a few.

Sir Battlescarred sure looks happy as the only boy.

Beryl – Dark Moon

My NS Galena head is on her way to me finally, and the news of her impending arrival comes the same day Soom has decided to release Dark Moon Beryl – a tan SO. I’ve always been a big fan of Beryl, I personally thought she would have looked great as a PokeSoom on a Vesuvia body and if my heart didn’t belong to another Soom sculpt I would be right there refreshing for her at 5 pm.

Word on the street is she will probably be sold out within about 30 seconds.

The sale of a tan SO though brings with it the speculation that Soom may be releasing more of  their older monthly dolls in tan and this leaves me feeling hopeful. I may have missed out on a bronze Galena, but perhaps there is a chance I will get a brown tan one – which is a colour I would much prefer anyway.

Only time and Soom stalking will tell!