3rd time breaking doll collecting rule #5

A really good read for anyone who collects dolls that I recommend, no matter the type is “Top Ten Mistakes of Doll Collecting Newbies” which is an article written by Denise Van Pattern, a seasoned doll collector of all kinds and is the proprietor of Kathrine’s Cottage. Although when I first stumbled on the article I was a good year into my doll collecting ways, I found it really helpful and it does ring true. Even though doll collecting should be all about yourself and what you want to collect should be no one’s business but your own, I can’t help but find what’s written in the article is worth it’s weight in gold.

For instance, I have met some people that fall under rule ten who I really wish would read the article and realise what gits they are being (not on a modern vs vintage level, but on a bjd vs everybody else level) – it is perfectly fine to not like different types of dolls and not collect them, it is not ok to be rude about it.

I digress. The whole point of this post is my failings, not the failings of other doll collectors, and my main failing is in Denise’s rule #5Failing to Focus Your Collection“.

The first time I really broke this rule was with my Cupcake Dolls. You see all my dolls I collect from BJD to Catwalk Kitty actually flow together. The BJD work with my Pullips as they all have the asian aesthetic thing going on. My Monster High seem to naturally gel with these guys as they have the darker overtones my dolls tend to have and Catwalk Kitties mix in with MH easily. Even the few Living Dead Dolls I have fit in with this. Where do Cupcake Dolls fit? Simple and obvious answer is that they do not. I have my decent sized Surprise stuffies which fit with them, but to be honest there is a reason my Surprises are in a crate somewhere and my cupcake dolls are hidden in the back room and not on display. They belong in someone’s 90’s nostalgia toy collection and not on display in my doll cabinet. Eventually, I will probably sell my Cupcake off to someone else but in the meantime I’m still clinging on.

The second time was when I started collecting the lalaloopsy minis. Lets face it, tiny little dolls that look like cutsy rag dolls do not fit in with my bunch. But I get around this by declaring that they are my doll’s dolls. This is sound logic. Do not attempt to point out otherwise >_>

I broke this rule a third time last night, and it’s a doozey. I bought a barbie doll. And it wasn’t even one of those wacky, out-there collector Barbies. It was a Happy Family Midge. ‘Why?!’ I hear you ask, ‘you hate Barbie’. Well hate is a strong word, especially as for a big chunk of my child hood I loved Barbie, like almost every other little girl. And I still like some releases today as an adult collector. I really like the vintage Wizard of Oz set they re-released recently with the green skinned witch – I was lucky enough to have my local Target stock a set and I stood there in store with the green barbie in my hand and just debated whether I should or shouldn’t. In the end I decided no, no point, I’m not collecting Barbie.

I never had preggers Midge as a kid either, by the time she was released in 2002 I would have been 16 and dolls to me were just toys for kids, so there is no nostalgia for me. As a side note, I would imagine someone telling my 16 year old self a decade into the future I would be collecting dolls would be met with typical teenage snarkiness. I actually truly believe what spurred me into wanting Midge was the controversy behind her. It is why I like the Tokidoki Barbie so much as well.

So what now? Will I continue to get the rest of the Happy Family set? I actually wouldn’t mind 1 year old Nikki and 3 year old Ryan, but I’m not sold on Allan. Don’t like his dopey smile. And maybe this will spur me into hunting down an affordable Tokidoki barbie, and maybe I’ll rethink that Wizard of Oz set. Chances are not great though. I do have a spot picked out for Midge in my cabinet though, which is more than my newer MH dolls have at the moment.

I could say that this would be the last time I muck up on rule five, but chances are it won’t be. Maybe I should just give Midge a vampire dress. She’ll fit in then.

4 thoughts on “3rd time breaking doll collecting rule #5

  1. barbielea says:

    Nice article, its good to hear that other people are conflicted about where to draw the line in their collection. I had a similar crisis recently – I collect mostly Barbies, but the Sindys, Monster Highs and Moxies had started to creep in and I felt bad about it until one of my regular commenters pointed out that actually, its my collection and my likes and dislikes are the real focus rather than who made the doll. I think its interesting that even though you obviously have a completely different focus to me, I too have recently been casting longing glances at Lalaloopsy minis and wondering if I could justify collecting them to be my doll’s dolls … There’s always some middle ground, isn’t there? Best wishes 🙂

  2. tagidoll says:

    Thanks for the comment by the way, I’m wondering if you caved and bought some of your dolls any lala minis yet? 😉

  3. barbielea says:

    I went to the shop where I’ve been mooning over them a few days after I posted this and they were ALL GONE. I was gutted. As this shop is really cheap, I am waiting for them to come back in, rather than rooting round online. But yes, I think I will be doing!

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