I’ve been a buyin’!

I’ve bought from online peeps Gill and the Howleen giftset, a couple of torso’s for cams (Vampire and then the 3 eye girl if I get her), mini Suzette La Sweet and Tuffet Miss Muffet and have also traded a spare MH stock set I had for a nude Frankie, who will get to wear an outfit pack.

I wasn’t wincing every time she slammed them into the desk making them dance. I promise.

Can’t wait for it all to come in, and hopefully no horrible eye wonk on these. Especially can’t wait for the CAM torsos, I have the most fun dressing them up, for some reason. As for the mini lalaloopsy, I really shouldn’t get any more, I mean, they are not my dolls. They are my doll’s dolls (I’m not nuts I swear) and I already have seven not including the two incoming. I want all four Sugar and Spice minis though, especially Jelly Wiggle Jiggle and Scoops Waffle Cone. I love Jelly’s all around design and Scoops has adorable hair. Bun Bun Sticky Icing looks darling and although she’s my least favourite, Cherry Crisp Crust has to come home too.

As for the above picture that is my partner’s niece playing with my mini Lala’s at my desk earlier this month. That’s Mittens fluff ‘N’ Stuff, Marina Anchors, Holly Sleighbells, Candy Broomsticks and Sir Battlescarred. Bea Spells-a-Lot and Dot Starlight were safely with my BJDs who were well out of her reach. I only mention it because the tyke’s mother bought her her own minis to play with recently. This surprised me greatly because her mother has openly said she is afraid of dolls (the mother not the baby), and has warned me to not buy her (the baby not her mother) a bigger lala for this reason. Something about their creepy eyes. Given the amount of dolls that live in my living room I’m guessing she doesn’t come over here often for this reason too. *stiffles a giggle* I’m just glad to have done my bit to spread the doll love =D

Lastly: Pullips. I haven’t posted this to my blog yet, so I will and I’ll use this image to make an about page on my pullip collection for this blog…eventually.

My collection as of now. No where near as big as some, but I feel it’s pretty big for me anyways.

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