Darjeeling Red Rabbit

My OH, the most important person in my entire world, said he would get me a pukipuki for my birthday. After much squeeling of joy, I headed over to the Denver Doll website to pick someone out. To my delight, I noticed the website noted that a Darjeeling Red Rabbit fullset was in stock. So I hastily made my order, and waited for my order confirmation. Almost 24 hours later (not over a weekend btw) someone from Denver Doll got in contact with me to say the fullset was actually sold out. I checked the website almost 8 hours after that – she was still listed as in stock.

Now I do really like DDE, they let you get dolls on layaway when they normally would not be available on layaway if bought direct from the companies. I got my CCC Ophelia Licorice from them, a grail, when there was no way I was risking getting her from Charles himself  with all the crap/fraud rubbish he did.

I do think it’s time those lovely folks at DDE upgraded their online store. Would be much easier for them in the long run, and little heart aches like that wouldn’t/shouldn’t happen. I’m still getting a Darjeeling through them (because hey, DDE really are great) – but just a basic. I’m a little relieved too, I wont feel as guilty over the expense my OH will be spending on me then.

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