Space Woes

Space woes. I have them.

This is an out of date picture of 1/2 my MH display cabinet. No room left. I just got the insect CAM in (still no torso yet so can’t put her together) but it got me thinking about where to display her. I was planning on getting a glass display cabinet for my birthday, but when I really think about it – I don’t really want another one right now. we’re just renting and plan on moving somewhere else in the next year – and it makes no sense buying another cabinet when it may not even fit in the new place.

Not all my dolls are on display in that curio, two of my anthro BJD live on my desk, and my larger BJD (40cm+) chill out in the spare room enjoying the darkness. Half my pullip collection lives on my fire place mantle because there is not enough room for them either.

I guess for the next year my newer MH purchases will have to hang out in the study on the shelving there. OH will not be happy that my dolls will be flooding into another room, but at least his Han Solo and Action Man will have company.

In other doll news, I was mucking around with the (OH’s) camera:

Obviously I still fail at taking pictures of white skin dolls. The house is too dark to not have flash, and the Photography lights are too much of a pain to drag out and set up (not to mention expensive and I’m afraid to break them). I really must try the light box method *really* soon. Just need a big enough box for dolls 70cm+ >_>

One thought on “Space Woes

  1. barbielea says:

    Wow. Your fabulous Monster High cabinet has made my palms sweat with envy.

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