In the end, I did decide to put that Soom SO Galena head I mentioned in my first post on layaway. I feel that the Galena sculpt is a little special to me, as she was the first female sculpt to make me actually feel the need to own a female doll.  Of course I had already three anthro girls, but it isn’t quite the same.

As I got into the hobby after her MD order period and I didn’t have the funds at the time she was released for the Christmas event, I found a nude human MD Galena in grey skin on the market place with her default face-up. I bought her talons on the market place separately, and bought the Sweet Witch outfit direct from SOOM to dress her in.

When she arrived she was named Pandora, a lowly weakish demon with a human parent with aspirations of power. And I decided I needed her to have a human form (the form she uses to attempted to mislead everyone in), which is where this new head comes in.

Seller photo of the SO Galena head.

I was this close to buying a bronze Galena from the Soom free-choice event as well, but stopped myself because:

  1. I had no character at the time I could think of for her (even if I have one now),
  2. I talked myself out by trying to convince myself Soom bronze is not the dark tan I really wanted and
  3. My neighbor reversed into my car, and unfortunately real life expenses must come first.

So I will officially have half the colours Galena comes in (the other two being the bronze and then white) and I know my collecting nature is going to want me to eventually get the other two – whether that ends up happening though is something else.

First Post

First post in this doll blog! I got my two Liv wigs in the mail for my Monster High CAMs, which meant that I had nothing left to arrive in my P.O. Box. Not liking that one bit, I went out and bought the Bee CAM off of eBay along with two dyed CAM torsos. A black one for the bee and a purple one to give the Sea Monster (Who I have named Clear Rivers) freeing up a grey one to make up either the werewolf or vampire. At this stage I’m thinking the werewolf.

Still in Monster High news, I checked out my local Kmart today, and found a fully stocked compliment of Skull Shores. Not one Gill to be found. This makes me positive I will not be finding him down here. I’ve read of someone finding him in WA, but alas, that is not the state I live in. I guess I’m relying on American collectors to help me out again, not that this is so bad, the mature age MH collecting community is great.

On the BJD front, today is the day I decide if I put a down-payment on a Soom SO Galena head.  I only want the head, as I don’t love the posing abilities of soom’s super gem bodies, and was hoping to get a fairyland feeple 65 body instead. Last year I said to myself no more BJD until the second half of this year, looks like that’s a fail. I spent a lot of money on BJD last year, I do not wish to repeat it.

It’s so hard though when companies like Angelheim announce their upcoming Zodiac dolls and one seems to include a snake. A snake BJD! A SNAKE!!